Mold in sump - How to clean


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Dec 4, 2019
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Hi all,

I cleaned out a 18 gallon sump (ESHOPPS RS-100) a few months ago with vinegar and it has been sitting in storage . I was planning on using it tomorrow for a 90 gallon display. When I took the sump out of storage, I noticed that there was some mold built up behind the filter sock compartment that is very difficult to clean thoroughly due to its location and basically impossible to scrub the walls 100% clean.

So far I have used about a cup of vinegar and hot water to clean it and got a significant amount of it off.

I thought about using the same bleach I used to cure my live rocks, but am a little concerned because the sump wont have time to air dry by tomorrow when I plan to set it up, and I am guessing a bleach smell will be present no matter how much I wash it.


1. Any safer substitute than bleach to disinfect? I was thinking rubbing alcohol possibly?
2. If I use bleach and ensure I rinse the compartment thoroughly with tap water multiple times, would it still be safe to use?
3. Do you think what I have done already is sufficient and I should go ahead with the build without worrying any further?


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