My 29 gallon Jbj Build and Fluval Spec V

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Apr 25, 2021
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Elmwood Park
Currently running on my Jbj 29 gallon a Macro Aqua Mini 50 Protein Skimmer, 2 Sicce Sycra 1.5, and 2 Fluval CP1's on a wave maker running 4 minute intervals, and a Aqua Illumination 16 HD light. I've removed my media box from the back to allow room for the skimmer and have filled the media floor and up flow chambers with live rock. I have 5lbs in the media, 15lbs of dried uncured ocean live rock and 20lbs of primo florida deco live rock from which came in fantastic and full of life, from mostly beneficial hitchhiking slugs and cucumbers and several types of worms. As well as 7 different macro algae 5 different sponges and 2 small zoanthids colonies. I did experience some small die off of the macro algae and several sponges but that was more than likely due to the fact that the water wasn't fully cycled and both have started to bounce back. I'm currently thinking about adding a Large Fluval hang on breeding tank on the side and put a small sand bed some live rock and a cleaner shrimp or a coral banded shrimp and maybe some snails or hermits with a small chateo ball. Also been toying with the idea of buying a Reefing Art Small Magnetic coral/fish acclimation box, and tinkering with it to creat more of a small 1 1/2 inch lip going aroud the bottom instead of a full enclosure. Thus being able to create a small sand bed and rock structure suspended in the tank to create an extra aquascape for them to play in. I'm currently looking into an auto topper. I plan on getting quite a bit more coral. The inhabitants currently are as follows.
1 Fu Man Chu Lion Fish
1 Valentini Puffer
1 Diamond Watchman Goby
1 6 Line Wrasse
1 5 x 3 GPS Coral
1 1 x 1 Waving Xenia colony
1 4 x 3 Whamin Watermelon Zoanthid Colony
2 1 x 2 anonymous Zoanthid Colonies
1 AlgaeFarm $55 16oz ecopack Copepod bottle

Fluval Spec V standard set up no crazy upgrades, just a small 50gph powerhead. in the tank to help with extra flow. I also upgraded return pump to a fluval 150gph nano return pump. And then finally a Nicrew Marine LED Light 18-24 in. The tank does well, i'm turning it into a small reef tank, I mainly set it up for the Goby and the Blue Coral Banded Shrimp. It's still cool to grow coral even in such a small tank and it's totally doable with these small upgrades.
1 Flaming Prawn Goby (Griessingeri)
1 Two Spot Goby
3 Barnacle Blenny
2 Emerald Crab
1 Blue Coral Banded Shrimp
1 Pom Pom Crab
1 1x1 Orange Tube Coral
1 2x3 Waving Xenia Colony
1 2x4 Peanut Butter Zoanthid Colony

I will update with pics soon.

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