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Feb 21, 2020
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So Bobby and Ralph had a fight so I added Johnny.

Opps, wrong additions

So big thanks to @NYAquatic for the fish. I couldn't be happier with the size, quality and price of the fish.

I recently added a regal angel, majestic angel, CBB, white tail BT, two cleaner shrimps and a moorish idol.

Current stock was emperor (juv), blue face (jub), scopas, flame angel, poma angel (tiny), asfur angel, hippo, sail fin, blonde and regular naso (both about 3")

The moorish was thin and passed away in quarantine. I think I will try this fish again.

Majestic came in huge (5") and got bullied by the blue face immediately. My experience was the bully will end after 3-4 days. It spent the first 3 days on top back wall. Ate very sparingly as it got chased. On 3rd day, I saw it on the bottom. 4th day, it had beat up the blue face and now the dominant angel fish.

CBB never ate in quarantine, so I moved it to display hoping it will graze on life rock until if accepts frozen. Still refuses frozen

White tail hides all day long. It gets into skirmished with the flame angel. I am not worried because it twice the size of the flame. Still it hides all day and only seen it graze on rocks a few times. The tangs amazingly don't bother each other. Only now and then you see the sailfin chases the scopas.

Now comes the regal. I did a very quick visual quarantine and treatment then added to display. I was ready to remove any fish that would bother the regal. To my delight, the regal was left to itself. However, it just doesn't eat that much. Few bites of brine here and there. No fish chases it, it swims freely across the tank. Only issue is it just doesn't want to eat that much. I feed my fish 4-8x a day with frozen brine, hikari mysis and my concoction of chopped gulf shrimp, nori, crushed garlic and soaked in selcon.
This is a very frustrating fish to keep. At this point, I am thinking the aquarium is too busy for the regal and need to move it to a lone tank and hope it eats. What do you all think?

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Mar 19, 2018
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How big is the tank? Lots of large growing, active fish that may in fact be intimidating to the regal.

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