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For sale (New Corals Posted) 20% off list prices The Camaro Shows Finish the Build Sale

(Please go to discussion for more corals) This is my most recent coral sale featuring some of my signature aquaculture corals as well as many high end collector corals...
$100.00 to $550.00
or best offer
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*Everything listed is brand new and available!*

*Next Order Placed gets a $100 Freebie!*

Hello R2R,
I am selling some frags of my gems in my collection to finish the 650g system build. It is a dream to be a college student and ability to build a a large dream system, I enjoy sharing some of my precious gems I am able to frag with other Reefers. This thread will feature Sps, Zoas, LPS and some shrooms! All proceeds of sales go towards the build. Currently I need to do all plumbing, buy a few pumps and build a water mixing station as well as then start on live rock.

All prices listed are before the additional 20% discount I am giving + frag pack deals and Freebie(s) on all orders. So some amazing deals to be given! I am also reducing free shipping to $400 from my $450 regular free shipping mark.

This Thread will offer corals for all Reefers from Skill to budget and even beginner friendly corals.

My Build Thread below on what I have done so far as well as some of my collection.


The Camaro Shows HIGH END SPS 550 Gallon system with Custom AGE 210g and large grow out system! (Picture Heavy)

Hello all, My name is Chayse and I love collecting and sharing my corals. I am a hardcore stick head and zoa fanatic. But I mostly specialize in high end and rare corals. I have been reefing for a little over 3 years now and keeping freshwater for over 10 years. Edit: 12/04/12 The grow out...

As well as a link to My first Fund the build thread round 1 below for references:


West Virginia - The Camaro Shows Fund the build sale! Lots of High end corals and cheap corals! SPS,LPS, Zoas and shrooms. Check out the last 4 pages 15% off today

Look at the last 5 pages of this thread! Many frags can be made of duplicates in this thread or I have extra frags. frag pack deals available and tons of high end corals not listed so message me if your looking for something you don’t see! Hello Folks, I can officially say the time has came for...

FeedBack: I have excellent seller feedback and am known for my healthy frags and generous freebies as well as a excellent shipping method.
Here is a link to my Feedback thread as
well as some quoted Feedback!


The camaro shows Feedback

This is a feedback Thread for those who buy coral from me to comment in. Thanks!

"Just received my package of high end Zoas and I have to say these are some of the healthiest corals I’ve received. Buy with confidence! Very responsive, great communication and an excellent collection to choose from. Already looking at my next pack to order!!"

"A+ seller! Got a great pack with good sized healthy frags!"

"Picked up the BK Chem fruitloops. Awesome frag with insane polyp extension. Free frag to go along with it and both came in a zen frag cup with is a nice touch. Easy to deal with and even held it for over 3 weeks till it was safe enough to ship. Very pleased"

DOA Policy: In the very unlikely event, I do a standard 2 hour DOA and will work with you to make sure you receive a healthy and beautiful order. (1)My policy is to replace a frag on your next order if possible.(2) If a similar frag is not able to be cut then a higher end coral will be offered to pick or (3) refund will be given. As always Shipping is not refundable. I am known to always satisfy my customers. However I can not be accounted for shipping delays, lost packages and packages not able to be delivered on the first attempt as well improper water chemistry and conditions . I reserve all rights to determine a DOA as well as determine a safe ship out date. All sales are final after a frag has been cut.

All pictures are unedited and taken with my iPhone 11 pro with Orphek phone lens under G5 Radion pros and Reef Brite. Please take this into account when viewing frags I am by no means a professional photographer with a DSLR Camera.

I take great pride in shipping method and only use the best materials in the industry. Most orders I use Zen Reef cups as well as I do use Heat sealed bags 2x or 3x bagged and I use premium cold packs and premium insulated coolers.

I use Fedex as my primary shipper but will use UPS if requested and or needed.

I do Free shipping on all orders $400 or more. If below $400 I will quote you real shipping cost.

Pack Deals:
I am always willing to make a Frag pack deal that will make you satisfied!

I always include some free corals in all orders. The larger the order the nicer the freebies of my choosing!

Special inquiry/ requests:
See something you're looking for not seen down below? Due to the size of my collection I can never offer the true amount of gems I have available for sale. I am known for the most high end and rarest corals in the Hobby so if you have something in particular your searching for feel free to drop a post below or PM me as more then likely I have it.

Enjoy the fire!
Chayse AKA The Camaro Show
Berserker Bounce XL 1.5 plug for re
Wysiwyg #1
$550 after 20% $440

Berserker Bounce
Wysiwyg #2
$350 after 20% $280

WWC King FiJi
Wysiwyg #1
$160 Sold

SBB Bugs Bunny #1 $375 After 20% $300

SBB bugs Bunny #2 slightly smaller $350 After 20% off $280

SBB Bugs Bunny Mother NFS

RCA Baton Rouge $350 After 20% off $280

TCK Spaceballz Glitter Goni
Wysiwyg #1
$225 After 20% off $180

TCK Spaceballz Glitter Goni
Wysiwyg #2
$225 After 20% off $180

RRC Rainbow Splice (needs heal time)
Wysiwyg #1
$450 After 20% $360

RRC Rainbow Splice
Wysiwyg #2
$450 After 20% off $360 Sold

TGC Red Wing
Wysiwyg #1
$125 After 20% off $100

Forget Name High end piece working on finding the name. I got this piece in a trade with Cheezy Corals. I know it retails for $200-$250 so I have it listed at $150 $120
Wysiwyg #1 (needs heal time)
$150 $120

TSA Rainbow Fusion
Wysiwyg #1
$350 After 20% off $280

Pengs Blue Monster
Wysiwyg #1
Direct lineage to Peng
$150 After 20% $120
Tidal Gardens Live Show