**New Frags & Frag Packs** ~ LIVE NOW ~ SPS, LPS, Softies! Hundreds of New Additions!

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Aug 4, 2018
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Hey Reefers!
We just launched hundreds of NEW Coral Frags and Frag Packs on our site! This selection includes everything from colorful Zoanthids and Mushrooms to stunning shortcake Acros and Acans! Whether you are a seasoned reefer or just starting out, this update has a wide variety of corals to choose from!

Our team has worked hard to ensure that each and every frag and frag pack is healthy, happy, and ready to thrive in your reef! Don't miss out on this extensive opportunity to add some beautiful new additions to your aquarium, because they are already going fast!

Check out some of our personal favorite highlights down below, and click any of them to shop now!
IMG_8746.jpg IMG_8750.jpg IMG_8760.jpg IMG_8768.jpg IMG_8775.jpg IMG_8780.jpg IMG_8785.jpg IMG_8787.jpg IMG_8790.jpg IMG_8797.jpg IMG_8828.jpg IMG_8832.jpg IMG_8842.jpg IMG_8844.jpg IMG_8852.jpg IMG_8862.jpg IMG_8866.jpg IMG_8867.jpg

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