Nopox. Mistake using it? Now i have cyano abd hair algae

Dixon B

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Dec 1, 2019
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Organic carbon dosing can drive cyano since cyanobacteria can happily consume organics. Different types of cyano may prefer different organics, so switching to something else may be desirable, although NOPOX is a mixture so if you have a strain that likes everything in the mix, it takes away options.

This is why I switched from vodka (more cyano in my tank) to vinegar (less cyano in my tank).
That’s actually brilliant, and a factor I’ve not considered. It does appear that since I’ve taken the carbon reactor offline that it’s not as pronounced In the tank, it is still however still there, so it has to be consuming something still. I think I am going to continue weaning my system off of nopox and see what happens before I jump back into it again like someone else has suggested. Thanks a million for that insight.

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