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POTO's Auctions are live. Auctions are up for 2 days only and will end on FRIDAY at 6pm. That means less wait and more deals!

Important: Auctions will end starting at 6pm EDT on FRIDAY, 6/24.

* Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to pick up your order at
Reef-A-palooza 2022.

Buy out any Auction at a 15% discount with the promo code "buy-now".

Be sure to read our How to Auction tips!

  • Minimum amount to ship (before shipping charge) is $60;
  • Shipping is $50 for all orders (or $25 for NY, NJ, CT);
  • There is no free shipping on our auction items, but if you purchase more than $250 of items from The Vault, you can combine them with your auction items and the entire order ships free;
  • Local Pick Up is limited to pre-arranged paid orders, and must be picked up within 2 weeks, or you may receive substitutions instead of the exact coral;
  • Good Luck!

When it comes to feeding fish and coral.....

  • I have a lot to learn

    Votes: 80 44.2%
  • I'm still learning a little

    Votes: 79 43.6%
  • I've got it mastered

    Votes: 18 9.9%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 4 2.2%

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