**PRESIDENTS DAY SALE STARTS NOW** New Corals Added, Colonies and Frag Packs!

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Aug 4, 2018
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Hey Reefers!

Our Presidents Day Sale has officially BEGUN!
Tons of amazing deals all across the site as every single Coral, Clam, and Anemone is 25% off! We also just added more stunning corals to the site that you'll want to check out! Here's a few of them below, but see them all at Corals.com!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
IMG_8929.jpg IMG_8930.jpg IMG_8921.jpg IMG_8925.jpg IMG_8917.jpg IMG_8828.jpg IMG_8868.jpg IMG_8875.jpg IMG_8887.jpg IMG_8899.jpg IMG_8903.jpg IMG_8906.jpg IMG_8909.jpg IMG_8910.jpg IMG_8941.jpg IMG_8947.jpg IMG_8949.jpg IMG_8956.jpg IMG_8960.jpg
IMG_8780.jpg IMG_8878.jpg IMG_8914.jpg IMG_8927.jpg

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