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FL Frag Swap

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May 26, 2014
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South Florida
Are you coming to the show?

The Florida Frag Swap in Lakeland is getting close!
With a line up of some of the largest and best vendors in the saltwater aquarium industry, and AWESOME RAFFLE PRIZES, this is a show you do not want to miss.
Save the date for Saturday, February 16th!


Been wanting to try out ME Corals products, here's your chance to win and try! They will be donating a variety of their products to our raffle.


Stop by Rob's Reef booth at the show. They will be bringing many beautiful coral pieces to the show. Not only do their offer coral, but they can also handle any aquarium design and servicing needs. See what they can do for you and thank them for their raffle prize donation.


Bubble Magus T11 Doser with three 1.5L Dosing containers and doser mounting bracket ($500 value)


Want an RO/DI Unit? AquaFX will be at the event to show off their products! Not only that, you will have a chance to win one of their RO/DI systems for your home!


Need an Algae Scrubber?
Santa Monica Filtration have donated their HOG3xx Hang-On-Glass UAS Upflow Algae Scrubber.

Make sure to enter the raffle for a chance to win!

Win Gift Certificates from our Show Vendors!

Jason Fox has donated a $250 Gift certificate that can be used during the show to buy corals. Not only that, most of our coral vendors will have $25 gift certificates in our raffle!

For over three decades, Seachem Laboratories, Inc has been providing the best in chemicals and additives.

Come see their products and have a chance to take some home.



Did you hear Current USAwill be giving away a light fixture at our show?

Orbit Marine IC 48" Light


Fluval is a world leader in quality aquatic products. Fish-hobbyists everywhere have depended on Fluval’s reliable technology and great design for over 35 years.


They have donated a few of the Sea Circulation Pumps and other products to our show so make sure to enter for a chance to win!


For the little ones who also have a passion for the saltwater reef and ocean... Reef Pals have donated their Wonders of the Reef book and gift sets to the show.

Reef Pals is an educational reef-based children’s book; authored, illustrated, and published by Nicole Kelsey. It teaches kids about reef and marine topics through a fun, and brightly colored adventure all in one book!



Make sure you don't miss out on these awesome prizes and more from our great show sponsors and vendors!

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