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Rainbow of colors SPS packs for sale

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Nov 13, 2016
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Allentown PA
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I just got back from Maui on our honeymoon and luckily saw a rainbow every morning, which gave me the idea of making a "rainbow" SPS pack with a mixture of colors.

I remember when I was starting to get into SPS, I wanted one of every color too so I think this is a great starter pack too as most of these pieces are on the easy side of SPS.

Each pack will come with 1 frag of each of the mother colonies below, I will be cutting them this week and each frag will be the standard 1 inch frag or bigger.
Each pack will come with a frag of the following: TCK Burning Bush, WWC Heartbreaker, CW Orange Cheeto, Tyree Pink Lemonade, Reef Raft Marvin Martian, BattleCorals Aquaticman, WWC Gatorade and Purple Stylo.

Here are pictures of the mother colony or a backup mother colony.

Update 11/29: 4 packs sold, all sold out now

The price is only $300 shipped for a frag pack of each of these corals! I can also add corals to a pack if you are interested in some of the other corals I have. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/sps-cut-to-order-indo-high-end-cheap-corals.822161/

TCK Burning Bush Mother Colony

WWC Heartbreaker mini colony

CW Orange Cheeto Mother Colony

Tyree Pink Lemonade Mother Colony

RR Marvin the Martian backup colony

BC Aquaticman backup colony

WWC Gatorade backup colony

Purple Stylo
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