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Apr 29, 2018
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New York
I have a perfect condition Red Sea 200xl for sale. Tank was delivered 2 months ago and setup about a month. Tank will come everything it came with to included tank, white stand, sump and ato reservoir. If equipment is needed we can possibly work something out for that as well. Not looking to sell the equipment separately, only if your purchasing the tank. If the purchaser of the tank doesn't want to also buy the equipment I will just hold onto it for my next build after I move.

Asking $1000 for tank, white stand, sump and ato reservoir.
If interested in the equipment:
Varios 2 return pump
Nyos 120 protein skimmer
Apex Jr w/ black display
XR15 Gen 5 Blue with mounted reef brite led strips.
Nero3 wavemaker.

For questions or pics please dm or text 3475222581.
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