Red Sea 525 xxl


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Feb 17, 2014
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Elizabeth NJ
Hello everyone. I’m checking to see if anyone is interested in trading a Redsea Max series for a Redsea 525xxl. I purchased the tank alone from a fellow reefer. The tank is immaculate. I had a custom stand made for it and painted and waterproofed it. I also bought the plumbing for it and have had it running for a month just to make sure everything is good. The trade is for the tank and stand. I do not have a sump for it. Please let me know if you are interested. I would like to trade but would consider selling in order to buy a Max series. You can text me at 908-765-7346.

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Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED lighting

What temperature do you think it too high for your reef tank?

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