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Refurbished Neptune Trident - NEVER BEEN USED

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May 1, 2023
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Los Angeles
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After having an issue with my previous trident I was sent this replacement. Never been used, refurbished Trident straight from Neptune. Looks brand new! Comes with trident box, 2 months of unopened reagents: 2 bottles of alkalinity, a bottle of magnesium, and a bottle of calcium, unopened calibration solution, new tubing, new needle guides, and new sample line filter. I also have extra unopened bottles of alkalinity reagent I can include as well as a bonus. Does not include 1 link cable. This can be purchased from BRS for $23.99.

Retail: $739
Asking $520 shipped OBO

Not interested in trades or gift cards. Cash only.

Please check previously sold USED tridents that went for $435-$440 + shipping. This is a steal for an UNUSED trident!!!

IMG_3816.jpeg IMG_3817.jpeg IMG_3815.jpeg IMG_3818.jpeg IMG_3819.jpeg IMG_3821.jpeg IMG_3814.jpeg IMG_3824.jpeg IMG_3825.jpeg
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How much do you care about having a display FREE of wires, pumps and equipment?

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