Secrets of Coral Color!

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Aug 18, 2017
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A Deep Dive into Coral Color Change in Reef Tanks

Ever wondered why your favorite coral seems to be changing colors? Fear not, fellow reefers! This isn't a sign of distress – it's a captivating display of adaptation at work. Corals, much like their terrestrial chameleon cousins, possess the remarkable ability to adjust their coloration based on their lighting environment. Here at [Your Website Name], we're passionate about helping you create a thriving and visually stunning reef tank. To empower you on this journey, we're launching a series exploring the fascinating science behind coral color change and how to optimize your lighting setup for vibrant coral health.

Light intensity and spectrum act as the artist's brush, influencing the vibrant hues we witness in our reef tanks.

Light Intensity: Corals thrive under optimal light levels. Insufficient light can hinder the zooxanthellae's ability to perform photosynthesis, eventually leading to coral bleaching (loss of color). Conversely, overly intense light can also stress corals, prompting them to expel zooxanthellae, again resulting in a paler appearance. Finding the perfect balance is key.

Light Spectrum: Different light wavelengths can influence the type and amount of pigments produced by both corals and zooxanthellae. These pigments not only contribute to the visual splendor of our reefs but also play a vital role in the coral's health. For instance, corals utilize specific pigments to absorb harmful UV light or enhance light absorption for photosynthesis.

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