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Jun 29, 2022
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There is a group of fish that aquarium geeks like us have a complicated relationship with; they go by a few different names, Pseudochromis, Dottyback, and even sometimes... Basslet. We love them all for their incredible durability, ease of care, brilliant colors and extraordinary activity. In the other column, they have a reputation for aggressiveness. Some of the Dottybacks don't really deserve this label, but others do, and when it comes to Steene's Dottyback, they are lifetime achievement award winners on the naughty list. There's a lot of good here though, so let's come back to that.
In the wild, these fish mostly eat small invertebrates and other small meaty morsels. They are very easy to feed in the home aquarium and will take all sorts of appropriately sized thawed food without fuss. Here we feed them a mix of foods from Gamma that we change up, it usually includes mysis, a variety of brine, chopped mussel and chopped prawn. We also feed them the Nutramar Complete sinking pellets and they learn to take these very quickly. Steene's Dottybacks don't need to be fed more than once a day, but here we feed them twice a day and they perform really well in house. Click to learn more

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