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Some Lps and a number of zoa strains (hornet heavy)

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Aug 25, 2016
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Batavia IL
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Kept under a T5/Reefbrite hybrid everything is grown in my system and have been cut- some for 5+ weeks with only a handful of recent trimmings. Local pickup available.

I ship UPS and offer a standard 2 hour DOA. If you suspect heat damage on arrive you must let me know. Not responsible for UPS issues. That said, I pack extremely well and I'm willing to work with folks on a case by case basis in the event of a delivery issue. Due to a change in my work schedule I can only ship for delivery on Tues, Wed, and Friday.

Shipping is $50 anywhere in the country. If you're in the upper midwest shoot me a quote request. I'm still happy to ship for free at $300. Experienced shipper.

Solid opportunity to put together a great zoa garden with long term aquacultured zoas.

I'm always happy to pull together prospective groups for a detailed group shot. Also game to answer any questions. Located in the far western suburbs of Chicago.

Pickup available and I'm pretty flexible on time. That said, if you go that route be respectful of the time frame we decide on.

This is everything that's available atm.

***I'll be able to ship this week and the week beginning 3/20. I am unavailable to ship the week of 3/27 but will be able to ship again starting 4/3***

Thanks for looking!

A 1-4 Frogspawn $40 (most starting to fork)
B 1 Splatter hammers $55 (starting to split)
B 2 Splatter hammers $45 (2 way splitting)
B 3 Splatter hammers $70 (3 way split)
B 4 Gold hammer $45

C 1 Duncans chunk $45
C 2/3 Duncans chunk $55
C4 Grandis Paly $35

D 1- 2/3 Blue Ridge Coral $20
D4 Grandis paly $25

E1 Jawbreaker Hornets $30
E3 Speckled Fire and Ice Firework Clove Combo $30
E5 Firework Clove $25
E7 OG Juicy Fruit $20
E9 Sakura Sunrise Chunk $35

F2 Blowpop Chunk $30

G1 Eagle Eye $25
G3 Sapphire Star $20
G5 Bam Bam Chunk $25
G7 Halloween Hornet Chunk $35
G9 Budsman’s Bowsers Chunk $35

H2 My Clementine $20
H4 My Clementine $20

I1 Pink Minefield $20
I3 Pink Minefield $20
I5 Daisy Cutter $20
I7 Daisy Cutter $20
I9 Peaches are crème $20

J2 Tweetie Bird $25
J4 Tweetie Bird $25
J6 Super Sayian $15
J8 Super Sayain $15

K1 Budman’s Bowser $20
K3 Awesome Blossoms $40
K5 Awesome Blossoms $40
K7 Gatorade $20
K9 Gatorade $20

L2 Utter peace $25
L4 Utterpeace $25
L6 Gorilla Nips $20
L8 TCK Laser Lemons $20

M1 PZ Black Hornets $35
M3 Red Hornets $30
M5 Red Hornets $30
M7 Black Hornet Strain $25
M9 Black Hornet Strain $30

N2 Halloween Hornets $25
N4 Halloween Hornets $20
N6 Rainbow Hornets $20
N8 Rainbow Hornets $20

O1 Super girls $20
O3 Sour Apples/outkast strain $25
O5 AOG $5
O7 Miami Vice $20
O9 Miami Vice $20

P2 Speckled Hypoestes $25
P4 Speckled Hypoestes $25
P6 Solar Flare $20
P8 Solar Flare $20

Q1 Magicians $20
Q3 Magicians $20
Q5 Sakura $25
Q7 Sakura $25
Q9 Sakura $25

R2 Season’s Greetings $25
R4 Season’s Greetings $25
R6 Spice Girls $25
R8 Spice Girls $25

S1 Rainbow Infusion $25
S3 Rainbow Infusion $25
S5 Sunny D’s $20
S7 Rainbow Raptor $20
S9 Bubblegum $25




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