The Camaro Shows Fund the build sale! Lots of High end corals and cheap corals! SPS,LPS, Zoas and shrooms. Check out the last 4 pages 15% off today

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The Camaro Show

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Mar 19, 2018
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Wheeling, WV
Also up for sale are some frags of SBB limited edition Torches! You all have been asking for some fire! No grails are ready but heres some indo golds. Sorry my pictures are not very good, ever since I got a new iPhone my have not been as good. I just picked these up and can send you more pictures opened if interested. I have proof of lineage as well.
First up
SBB limited edition “Dark Knicks”
$350 (5/8/21 Price Drop $325)

SBB limited edition “Teal tip Indo gold” will have to look up name I forget.
$350 (5/8/21 Price Drop $325)

SBB Limted Edition Signature Indo Gold
Wysiwyg $300 (5/8/21 Price drop $250)

Another SBB Gem
SBB “Human Torch Bounce”
All these are still available!
TCS Black People Eaters, don’t have anything like these in my collection. Don’t have the typical green mouth of people eaters but that’s what I bought them as at a swap and they are very unusual. Very hard to picture as well. A true black Zoa.

1 polyp frag
As Well as only 1 polyp left of my TCS Black People eaters.
I also have 10 polyps of HR Death Stars for $150pp. There is a example frag in this thread.
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