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Torches, Gonis, Montis, Anemones, Bounce Mushrooms, Yumas, and More

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Wolffpack Reefer

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Dec 5, 2022
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La Mirada
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Priority will be Local pickup in La Mirada or Tustin

Will be able to ship after holiday delays die down

Branching Hammers $30
Hellfires & Dragon Souls (All Splitting) $100
Neptune $120
Splitting Green Torch $80
Beach Bum $35
Rainbow Monti Chunky Frags $25
Seasons Greetings Chunky Frags $20
Nacho Cheese Chalices starting at $40
Zoas starting at $10
2 Tone Gonis $30 Frags
Glitter Gonis $200
GSC Wonderland Goni $300
Nexus Anemone 50/50 Split fully Aquacultured $350
21 Tails 4 Head Torch $300
Mystery Banana type Torch 2 head $250
Rasta Torches $75

Also have Zoas
Marvin the Martian $30pp
Acid Reflux $30pp
Krak God $25pp
Oompa Loompa $10pp
White Zombie $10pp
Pikachu $5pp
Jawbreaker Hornet $20 frags
Pink Rainbow Zoas $10pp

CC Inferno Anemone $300

Burning Banana Stylo $15 frags
More Chalices and Favias $10+

IMG_1823.jpeg IMG_1865.jpeg IMG_1861.jpeg IMG_1875.jpeg IMG_1869.jpeg IMG_1868.jpeg IMG_1872.jpeg IMG_1885.jpeg IMG_1888.jpeg IMG_1887.jpeg IMG_1893.jpeg IMG_1897.jpeg IMG_1898.jpeg IMG_1899.jpeg IMG_1816.jpeg IMG_1817.jpeg IMG_1825.jpeg IMG_1829.jpeg IMG_1830.jpeg IMG_1838.jpeg IMG_1847.jpeg IMG_1848.jpeg IMG_6601.jpeg IMG_6603.jpeg IMG_6600.jpeg IMG_5893.jpeg IMG_6610.jpeg

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