Two Ai prime vs one gen 3 xr30


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Jan 11, 2020
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I currently have two ai primes over my 20high nano reef. Will an xr30 (gen 3 non pro) make any appreciable difference in spectrum or coverage if I were to get wide angle diffuser?

I know I can have the ai spread more, but I am noticing some shading and the xr30 have more leds and are generally stronger.

I am seeing gen 3 go for 170-200 so after buying a mount and diffuser I would break even after selling my primes. Thoughts? Worth it or just keep things as they are?


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Sep 18, 2017
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Bump it up
In simple terms
1)the Gen3 at 134W vs 2 ai primes at about 100Watts.
2) 2 AI primes can be spread more evening out the light
3) One gen 3 can be raised , evening out the light but theoretically keeping the same output as the 2 AI's.
Adding diffusers will mitigate that a bit. Starts to get complicated.

Personally at about $200 just add a 3rd new AI Prime and raise them.
Putting 3 together increases the err "panel of light" effect.
Raising them increases spread and evenness.

Also best to test the market and see what is the current value of your AI's.
Suggest checking the AI's violet lenses for browning.
Not sure how universal it is but ...................??

Make sure you get all the "parts" you need w/ the Gen 3

Simple questions are never simple..


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