Unique Rainbow Gold Torch & Few Others (Knicks Hellfire Etc)


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May 22, 2018
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I have a couple frags of this Indo rainbow/gold torch I’ve been cooking up for a little while now. The 2 frags available now are the only ones I will be parting with for the foreseeable future and only one other frag has left my system so they are definitely limited. It’s hard to really capture the true colors using a cell phone. The closest torch I have seen that even resembles this one is the original/OG dragon tamer torch. Also have some other torches such as hellfires and NY knicks available and are listed below along with some hammer and frogspawn. Pictures are labeled with the letters A-I which correspond to the pricing below. If interested please text 734-725-98fiveO.

A - Rainbow Gold - SOLD
B - Hellfire type - $200 shipped per head
C - Unique Green/Gold - WYSIWYG Splitting 3 Head $300 shipped
D - Basic DS Gold - $175 shipped per head
E - NY Knicks - $225 shipped per head
F - Skittles/Cotton Candy - $125 shipped per head
G - Orange/Pink Tip - $110 shipped per head
H - Gold Hammer - $60ph + shipping or $50ph with any torch
I - Gold/Orange Ultra Frog - $85ph + shipping or $70ph with any torch

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or if interested in a multi head frag. Package deals always welcomed.

B3CAB9ED-2D9B-47C6-8677-C31B96E1261B.jpeg 37B4A45F-0053-461E-8E4D-051E2D4DB5EC.jpeg B2B392E7-D2E1-4137-945C-F109C8491425.jpeg 2B54B7C7-9D3C-4F12-BDDC-705A6865183D.jpeg 950F5C18-B365-44F4-96A8-26E78700852A.jpeg 553FF800-BA85-4760-9774-3BEBD4D08252.jpeg 182F0829-16CE-465F-8AAA-2244223A139F.jpeg 3BC6D6BC-6B6F-4904-886B-C1A76D0719CA.jpeg 5279AB66-6963-4E60-8CF5-BBB47EF12DEE.jpeg 09CC352A-7DCE-49B7-A926-0A2AAA06B196.jpeg 7D8CB819-058B-4F07-88C2-61BCD597BC19.jpeg 77F4CE54-5D72-4B7D-88B3-C4AD5A6E7CC4.jpeg 1B5DEA38-8262-444C-909C-08C91B7A1F33.jpeg B2A98601-9CC7-4AB2-9900-C3BD167FA884.jpeg 43623B79-51BA-470A-811B-FD409DD590D4.jpeg 9EAB5E26-F676-4581-8D64-F79066DE4CAF.jpeg CAFC79C9-1DC5-4CB1-9ACA-70D9F18C78B1.jpeg C5623DCC-D40F-4DD9-B969-AFB90773A8AF.jpeg 78ABAE1E-F028-4E69-8717-04357F514684.jpeg BFEFEE0E-9EAA-41E0-B433-287FFD766E9D.jpeg D5B06E3C-9100-491D-A3DE-0B4B7B48C6B2.jpeg
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May 2, 2019
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Beautiful torches, open in bag!! , buy with confidence! His holy grails are amazing!


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