What is the difference between Among The Reef and Tankstop.com?

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Eric Cohen

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Apr 16, 2016
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Los Angeles
Hello Everyone!

I wanted to give a brief description of Among The Reef (amongthereef.com) and Tankstop.com so everyone has a better understanding of the two and what the pros and cons are when shopping for your next Aquarium Purchase.

Let's start with Among The Reef or ATR:

Among The Reef has it's own warehouse and holding facility located 1 mile away from LAX airport. We have fully protected quarantine systems, where we can hold groups of fish, and put those fish through a very extensive medication and treatment program, ensuring that your fish when you receive it is clean from parasites, bacterial infections, along with a long history of eating well and showing no signs of anything other than perfect health when shipped. This process takes a minimum of 30 days, and in many cases, 45 days. Some fish take 1-2 weeks just to recover from jet lag, so it can take a while to just get them eating on a normal routine. Also, it is important that everyone know that we take bio-security very serious. In order to keep everything safe in our QT room, we have draped plastic around all the systems so that nothing can pass from one system to another via vapors or splashing. Some might think that is over-kill, but it's really a thing and even though we do consider this a proper quarantine, we always have to leave something open for chance.....so we technically call our program "Conditioning", and not really quarantine. It's the best we can think of doing, and I personally would trust any of our fish to go directly into your main fish systems with confidence. Regardless of that, it's up to everyone to decide and realize that no system is perfect....but we feel our method is one of the best out there in the industry, and I don't often see other fish suppliers go through the extensive efforts we do, but that is a true beauty of our hobby, and no one-way is the only way....

Among The Reef kinda focus's on the higher end side, but I have been inclined to include other more common fish into the mix...like Flame Angels, Blue tangs, Six Line Wrasses, and just other fish that I find more common, but hope that hobbyists would appreciate a fully conditioned fish in that variety.

Among The Reef has the tagline "The Aquarium Concierge"

Tankstop.com is your one-stop-shop for all supplies, and livestock together under one site. Here at this site, my goal here is to give hobbyists another option on where to buy their livestock with a huge variety, good quality, and myself as the customer service point of contact. The livestock you see and purchase from Tankstop.com is a pack and ship program. These fish are healthy, and ready to go into a quarantine tank when you receive them.

One unique piece we added to Tankstop, is that you can actually request quarantine for your fish purchased from Tankstop, and Among The Reef will hold it and put it through it's paces with the Tank Transfer Method and so much more. The cost for that going up actually as we navigate these new waters and realize the costs involved, but we are looking at $200-$250 per fish, or even more depending on the specie, price and size.

Any questions, feel free to ask....part of the reason I returned back to the livestock industry is to reconnect with the community and participate in the direct contact with customers....make new friends.