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Wwc og bounce, tck powerball bounce, Frankenstein mushroom wysiwyg

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$215 $300 $150 or 3 for$ 550
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Robert Ranciato

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May 21, 2016
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Wwc og bounce nickel size $215. Tck powerball bounce$300 little bigger then half dollar Frankenstein mushroom nickel size 150. Take all 3 for$ 550. No shipping unless you take all 3 mushrooms then I will ship you pay shipping charge. Powerball is definitely splitting into 2 marked cheep because the polyps are still small. Connecticut 06518 pick up or meet. Included in pictures is og mother and the original tck powerball I purchased.

Screenshot_20230603_215424_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20230603_215424_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20230603_215348_Photos.jpg 20230601_183347~2.jpg Screenshot_20230603_215542_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20230603_215354_Photos.jpg Screenshot_20230603_215433_Photos.jpg

Purple rock rocks! Do you have coralline algae in your tank right now?

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  • I have a manageable amount of coralline algae right now.

    Votes: 63 38.9%
  • I have just a bit of coralline algae right now.

    Votes: 55 34.0%
  • I have had coralline in the past, but not currently.

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  • Other.

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