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Yellow Tang Mouth Diagnosis


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Apr 4, 2020
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Over the past week, my yellow tang has developed what looks like a "raw" mouth. Eating habits have changed whereas she spends most of the time looking for food on the bottom and does not come up to eat with others as she used to. Appetite appears fine but it is mostly what she forages from the sand bed. She also seems to spend more time grazing on rock. Everyone else including CUC, coral, and other fish in tank are fine and healthy. No visible aggression issues from any tankmates. She has been in the tank for 6 months. No other physical symptoms visible. Not much algae in tank so I supplement with Nori which she will eat but not with same gusto as before this condition developed. Tank parameters are fine. PO4 was a little high last week but is back under .30 No ammonia, nitrate issues. Any thoughts before I try to catch her and quarantine?



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