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Jul 1, 2014
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Santa ana, CA
Corals for sale. Below are the prices for each item. If it is PP, I May have to make the frag. Stuff that is sold in as per frag I have frags ready to go. I did the best with pictures, so please do not ask for additional pics. Shipping will be a flat rate of 50 unless you buy over 350, then it's free. Standard DOA policy applies. LMK if you have any questions. Contactless local pick up available. Located 92705

Magician palys-$10Per Polyp, 5 polyps for $40
JF Acid reflux-$25 per polyp
Radioactive dragon eyes-10-15 per polyps-$20
Wwc Pink krak-$10 per polyp, 5 polyps for $40
Queen strats $40 per polyp 3 for a $100
Punk rocker zoas 5-10 polyps-$30-40
Scrabbled eggs-10 plus frag plug-$30-40
Rainbow incinerators-$10 per polyp
Flaming fireball zoa-5-10 polyps-$20-30
Utter chaos- whole frag 10-15 polyps-$40-50
El corazon-30 per polyp 4 for a $100
Red Death-$10 per polyp
Hawaiian ding dang zoa-5-10 polyp frag-$40-50
Kh sunburst- 5-10 polyp frag $40-50
CB Rainbow infusion-$10 per polyp, 5 polyps for $40
Gb Nirvana- mini colonies 15-20 plus per frag-$40-50
Supergirl zoa-$40 per polyp 3 for 100
Taiwan zoas- 10-15 plus frag $20-30
Watermelons zoa- 10-15 plus polyp frag-$20-30
Armor of gods- 10 plus frag plug-$40-50
Goblins fire 10-15 plus frag plug-$40-50
Salted agave-$20 per polyp
Wwc mambo jambo -5-10 frag plus $30-40
White zombie-$40 per polyp
Spite fire- 5 plus $20 per frag plug
Wwc Pandora’s-5 plus per plug-$20-30
Red people eaters- 5-10 plus frag plug-$30-40
Purple Deaths-$10 per polyps
Speckled kraks-$70 per polyp
Spongebob zoa 5-10 polys-$40-50 per plub
Pink zipper-10 plus frag plug-$30-40
Pink elephants-5-10 per plug-$30-40
Bob marleys frag plug 10-15 plus polyps-$40-50
Tubs blue-10 plus frag plug-$20-30
Grandis play green-$5 per polyp, 5 polyps for $20
Bam bam -5-10 plus frag plug-$20-25
Halle berry zoas- 5-10 per frag-$20-30
Red hornets-5-10 plus per plug-$40-50
JF Captain Jerk Paly-5-10 polyps-$20-30
Blue kiss-$25 per polyp
Rainbow cyphastrea-$30-40 per frag
Forest fire digita-$10-20 per frag
Rra tropical punch frags-$20
UC mega chrome monti-$30 per frag
Weeping Willow toadstool-$40 2x for $75
Gold branching hammer Indo-$50 per head, 2 for $90
Rainbow stylo-$10-20 per frag
Tubs stellata-$10-20 per farg
Fruity pebble monti-$20 per frag
Jfox Brain freeze monti-$30 per frag
Grafted sunburst monti-$30 per frag
Big r weirdo chalice on 3x3 tile disc-$40 per frag
Unknown blue chalice on 3x3 tile disc-$60
red goni 3-2x2" closed skeleton size colonies-$60

acid reflux.JPG armor of gods colony.JPG Bam bams.JPG Blue kiss.JPG Bob Marley.JPG captain jerk.JPG CB rainbow infusion.JPG ding dang.JPG El corazon.JPG flaming fireball.JPG goblins.JPG halle berry colony.JPG Halle berry.jpeg IMG_8093.JPG KH sunburst.JPG Magician zoa.JPG Nirvana.JPG pandoras.JPG Pink elephants.JPG Pink Kraks.JPG Pink Zippers.JPG Queen strats.JPG radioactive dragon eyes.JPG rainbow incinerators.JPG rainbow infusion.JPG red death.JPG red hornets.JPG Red people eater.JPG RPE.JPG salted agave colony.JPG scrambled eggs.jpeg spekled kraks.JPG spongebob.JPG Supergirl.JPG taiwan zoas.JPG tubs blue.JPG Utter Choas colony.JPG watermelon zoas.JPG white zombie.JPG Big r weirdo chalice.JPG blue chalice.JPG brain F frags.JPG gold single.JPG goni red.JPG goni2.JPG goni3.JPG grafted starburst cap.JPG IMG_8259.JPG IMG_8286.JPG IMG_8386.JPG IMG_8395.JPG IMG_8398.JPG IMG_8399.JPG JF brain freeze colony.JPG pebbles 2.JPG pebbles frags.JPG pebbles.JPG stellata frag.JPG t sunrise favia.JPG tropical thunder.JPG
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Jul 1, 2014
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Santa ana, CA
more pics


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Mar 25, 2020
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Do you mean like the sump of it or where the polyps come from? Either way, I don't think it has these. I believe that may be a different version/type.

Like this one. Green base and green long polyps


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Jul 6, 2020
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Received a dozen frags plus a few freebies from Jose. Nice size, healthy, fully opened within an hour in my tank. Packed superbly, triple bagged each one with layers of water in each bag, and the inside of the container and surrounding newspaper was warm when I opened it. Was shipped basically overnight across the country and arrived 10:30am on my doorstep. Highly recommend and he’s gained a repeat customer.

So what do you think about running carbon as a filter for your aquariums?

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