Estimating the Need for Swimming Space for Aquarium Fishes

This a great informative article.
Thanks Jay
So this is pretty interesting for sure. It makes me think that a 90 gallon tank really doesn't hold a role in Active Swimmers.

Take a yellow tang who gets up to 8" long. The adjusted size is 6.4" The max area for a 90 gallon (48x18) is 64. That would obviously be adjusted down. So essentially you're best-case scenario is right at the recommended, but again that's an empty tank.

Does that mean you shouldn't get that tang, or you should be prepared to part with it before it reaches full maturity?
This is far and away one of the best articles here. When one considers that fish are taken from lakes and left to die in 'creels' - or that multiple of the fish we keep in tanks are widely killed and eaten in fish markets around the world. To ME - the topic of fish happiness has a lot more to look at than the average reef tank
Great info. I definitely appreciate your view on the use of the word 'happiness' in this hobby; I 100% agree!

Thank you for taking the time to write this article!
As usual, vital and informative! I really need to rehome or release my Dussumieri soon.


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Very interesting and informational read. Thanks for putting it together. It confirmed my thinking about tank size and fish size. I have always errored on the low side to give myself room.