tank size

  1. D

    Convict Tang in 4ft 165 gallon?

    Hi guys I currently have a 4ft 165 gallon(DT Volume) tank (4'X2.5'X2.5') and would like to purchase a convict tang. I'm not sure if I'll be overstocking my tank or if the tank is too small for an adult sized convict tang. I'd like to hear other's experiences with convict tangs and their usual...
  2. Estimating the Need for Swimming Space for Aquarium Fishes

    Estimating the Need for Swimming Space for Aquarium Fishes

    Estimating the Need for Swimming Space for Aquarium Fishes Jay Hemdal For those not wishing to read the entire article, here is the basic formula for calculating the swimming space needs for active swimming species (tangs, wrasses, fusiliers, etc.) Look up the maximum adult size of the...
  3. fox0521

    Too much rock??

    Hey folks! I’ve got a 55 gallon set up as a peninsula. The tank is about 4 months old, and my question today is: can you have too much rock? I am worried that my tank won’t allow enough swimming room for additional fish, as I’ve already seen some minor aggression (territorial, clowns chase goby...
  4. kristinreed3

    First big tank

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to get A bigger set up in my new house. I’ve had saltwater in the past but they’ve always been Nannos. I really really like the look of the more slender and shallow tanks. Does anyone know any good all in ones or something from water box or Red Sea that would be a good...
  5. D

    Foxface Lo Tank Size Question

    I currently have a fully grown scribbled rabbitfish who is about 6 inches long and bought a foxface lo a few months ago that is about 4 inches long and is growing fast. My tank is a custom made 165 gallon that is 4 feet by 2.5 by 2.5 feet and I am worried that the tank will be too small for the...
  6. Schraufabagel

    Wondering what tank would suit my goals

    I would like to get into the hobby with a 55+ gallon tank this summer. I’ve been looking at the Waterbox Marine X 90.3/110.4, or Red Sea Reefer 300XL/350/425XL. I will be living in an apartment for the next 6 years at least. Here are the fish that I’d like to have at the very least: Clownfish...
  7. J

    Would a golden dwarf morray work in this setup?

    I am looking to see if a golden dwarf morray eel would work in the setup I have now. It is a 32 gallon biocube, I have 2 clowns and a small melanurus wrasse (he’s small now and I am rehoming him when he gets too big). Would the tank be too small to sustain him? Liveaquaria says 30 is min but...
  8. Perpetual Novice

    I got two male Wrasses? What do I do?

    I thought it was pretty rare to receive a male leopard wrasse but I just got two potters wrasses delivered and they’re both male... plus there is a smaller male leopard of a different species already in the tank. What do I do about this? Will it be a problem? How big does the tank need to be to...
  9. Csr1978

    What are the TRUE dosing instructions?

    I've always wondered what manufactures really mean when they give dosing instructions based on "gallons." For example, Korallen-Zucht and Red Sea give dosing instructions for their additives in terms of X ml or X drops per 25 gallons. Gallons of what? Is it based on the rated tank size (my...
  10. Eva Rose

    REMINDER: Before you Advise Know Size/Gallon of OP’s Tank

    Friendly reminder. I am seeing frequent suggestions of fish totally inappropriate for tanks due to their size. So before you post, look back to see size of OP’s tank. If it is not listed - ask for it. I’ve seen this happen at lot lately. Often seeing inappropriate fish for tanks that are only...
  11. S

    3x2x2 vs 4x2x2 tank size? which one would you choose

    hi might be a stupid question (and poll), but i would like your opinions on tank size/volume. i'm considering taking 2 identical tanks, whether it be 3x2x2 or the 4x2x2 and using one as a the display tank, and the other as the custom sump. i originally wanted to look at a 3x2x2f (85G) /...
  12. mcdrichj

    Looking for advice on tank size

    So I'm waiting to buy a house in southern New Hampshire as soon as something decent shows up on the market. Anyway, I am making preparations to upgrade my 15 gallon nano to a real tank. I am trying to get most of the equipment together for the tank so I can set it up to make a smooth transition...
  13. Peach02

    Naso tang happy in this tank?

    Essentially I'm thinking of a upgraded tank and would a naso tang or sailfin tang be happy in a 6" 2" 2" foot tank with light rockwork
  14. S

    Cowfish tank size

    So I did a dumb thing, I got a baby cowfish. I knew some info about them. I came a cross a tiny probably 1.5 or 2 inch long in a fish store and basically I got emotionally attached to it at the store and did an impulse buy. I currently have 2 small clown fish, 2 firefish, one cleaner shrimp...
  15. M

    4 vs 3 feet long 75 gallon tank

    Hi guys I thought I would ask the nice people from R2R before pulling the trigger on this one, I'm probably blinded by how nice the new tank looks. I got a nice chance to swap my 4 feet 75g by a 3 feet 75 gallon, and the reason why I'm considering that is because I dislike my current sump setup...
  16. Gator2019

    Tank size necessary for a self substaining copepod population for a dragonet.

    I had a dragonet when I first started the hobby in a 30 gallon tank. It was my first fishkeeping mistake. It was no where near established, so the dragonet eat for a few weeks and I could tell it wasn’t going as good as it could have, so I gave it to a friend who had a good copepod population...
  17. W

    Would a powder blue hate being in a 75G?

    Hello all! I think I know the answer to this,.. BUT! Years ago, back in the 2000's when I first got into this hobby many places would recommend a minimum of a 55 gallon for a powder blue. I had one in my 180 SPS reef for years, and it is my favorite fish ever. These days I only have a 75G...
  18. Finatik

    75 vs. 90 Gallon: Tank Size Dilemma

    So I'm trying to decide whether my next tank should be a 75 gallon or a 90 gallon. I've had a 75 gallon before, so I'm very familiar with its dimensions and ease of care. I'm also limited to a 4-foot tank due to the space limitations in my current home. I am interested in the 90 gallon due to...