Intermediate Topic Experimenting with in-tank antibiotic treatments for Brown Jelly Disease

Pros: Good hope here
Cons: Get the antibiotics
I have a brown jelly in my Duncan and I removed it from the tank the day after just started in my torch and it has only one head, so, I didn't remove it and I added the antibiotics but no decrease in the brown jelly into it after 2 days. It may irradicate whatever is in the tank and not colonize the corals yet. I hope it ends in this torch at least.
Pros: Uses scientific method, helpful charts, includes author's own thoughts and biases that could cloud the results
Very helpful info! Just recently had to cut off an infected hammer coral polyp that had BJD. Good to know there's a possible treatment out there, albeit with some risks involved.
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Forest Rohewer recounts in his book "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" at a simposium on coral diseases having his students presenting researchers with pictures of diseased corals. Very few could correctly identify them correctly. If the resaercher working with coral diseases can't identify them by apperance how can we expect to be able to do so? This article helps take some of the guess work out of identifying what's wrong. Using this testing method can also help identify a potential infection before a coral has any outward appearance.
Pros: Very detailed and supported with data.
I love your article. Thanks a lot for the useful information.