Hi everyone,

One of the biggest challenges, for me as an amateur reefer is the numbers. Numbers are my downfall (among others). Why, do fish and coral float in nothing but numbers, and water? Po4 .03, No3 5, SG 1.027, Calcium 440, Ph 8.1, DkH 8.3, etc. I mean really, what language is that and who is going to help me do all that math? Him?


When I was in school they gave me a sheet of paper and told me to remember the times tables. The “computer” was a keyboard with dot matrix paper and basic programming. If there was complex equations the lucky ones had TI equation calculators. (You have to be old to know those). So why all the hubbub bub?

The science of water has become so advanced it can keep the mind spinning, but that does not mean it has to be hard. Like the vaudeville attractions of days long forgotten I am here to tell you it can be done quite easily. You just need to know where to look. There have been some great folk before us, currently among us, and I am sure yet to come that have already done the hard work for us. We just need to take advantage of it, and for Pete’s sake give thanks to those who put the time in to develop the tools we use. There are some great folk here who do this because they care. No fame, no payday, just straight up care.

So what am I talking about you may wonder? Is this another mastiffrules wandering posts. Yes, but no. Yes, I always enjoy time with family. Each of you. But no, more so this is about making that little question of how much X is needed for Y just a bit easier to help guide the way.


So, before I get all meat and potatoes.....These are all just reference guides. Please make sure before ever doing anything in your tank your are testing and have researched and well understand whatever thing you may be doing. I always say if things look great DON‘T touch it. All the following links need to be given credit to their creators, and more so maybe send a note of thanks. Theses folks don’t have to put out these products for us to use.

So what have I been talking about this whole confusing, rambling, usual mastiffsrule time? CALCULATORS. They make my life so easy. I am not going to figure out a balanced calc/alk ratio better than Randy, so why try.

So that said I bring you...........

The not so comple but a good start aquarium calculator.

To me, we cannot start with any other than the great, one and only, Randy’s calculator. The HUGE piece of this i hope all pick up on, but kind of easy to miss is his numbers on balanced ratio. Look closely and when you enter you goal for one (ca or alk) it will tell you your balanced range for the other. When going to this calculator to determine how much X product you need to get to Y, please make note of the numbers needed to balance out the equation. This is how you get to the 1:1 dosing. (Now everyone PM Randy a thanks for the calculator). Not only will balancing help ease dosing to 1:1, it should help stable PH and avoid any great swings and precipitation if I am correct.

Next on the list is a basic, how much water is in my tank? You can’t do anything if you don’t know. So here is a link for a simple calculator. Again, credit due to the creator and I have not fully tested it for accuracy. There are many others out there. This is just an example to show you can find them if needed.

Next up is something that drives me mad. What is a liter? Is it Pepsi? Why is it on my carbon bottle. Isn’t carbon dry good and liters a fluid measurement ? Ahhh. Here are 2 calculators to help do that fuzzy math we heard so much about.


So, I got it all down, so what do if I don’t trust those generic guys with tons of experience and missing toenails from years of saltwater erosion? Fear not, your biggest and baddest, most loved, most adored, softest to snuggle vendors have also come to our rescue wit their calculators. (Nothing like randy’s. ;);)) Seriously though, thsee folks are great vendors and phenomenal supporters of not only R2R and our hobby, along with a lot of other vendors. Like PM, give these guys a shout out.

The last thing I will bore you with is a chart. I’m tired, your excited to start calculating how much calcium you need. Please, please, please. The next is a fish compatibility charts from LA. It is not the end all, but it is a reference guide, 1 among many.

In summary. Do your research. Here and on the web. If da mastiff can, so can you. Fish and coral, and inverts are alive. They come to the corner when you feed them. They have personality. Coral respond to feeding. We can’t just toss them if they die. Use our resources here and on the web, and have your tank flourish. We all have that goal of a beautiful tank with flourishing coral and healthy fish. Use the tools created for us to get there. Don’t rush, if it’s working don’t change, if your not sure ask for help.

The R2R family loves you all ((taking a bit of liberty here) . Regardless we all are here for the hobby. I want you all to succeed. They are pets . Happy reefing.