So, here's our first crossword. I recommend printing it out and enlarging it if possible, both the puzzle and the clues. If you see two numbers in a box, separated by a dash (-), the first number is across and the second number is down.

The puzzle was started with a simple (free) crossword compiler, but due to its limitations, I did a lot of it freehand in Excel. Next time I'll use a more sophisticated compiler ($$$) so we can get a more professional-looking puzzle.

In any case, I think it's good enough to go up, and no, this is clearly not an article. But it is something that many readers will enjoy.

Mistakes? I hope not, but I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments.

Puzzle is courtesy of Seawitch for Reef2Reef, ©2018, All Rights Reserved.


And here are the clues. Might want to print and enlarge these also. Oh, and the answers? You'll have to wait a bit for those. Ho Ho Ho. Enjoy.



There's a handy pdf file attached which makes printing easier, courtesy of Vivid Creative Aquatics.

There was a mistake in the previous file, so here's a better copy attached. Thanks to Vivid Creative Aquatics.