Test Kits Using Phone RGB - Color Blind Testing Aid

Great tool!
This is fascinating, and a huge help for many. Thank you for sharing!
Excellent article!! Basically a free spectrophotometer. If you made control solutions you could nail it down even more...Though I don't think you need to unless you're an absolutist.
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I've seriously thought about doing something like this and i'm not even colorblind, I'm just really bad at interpreting most tests.
Bravo! Very well done! Would it be reasonable to say there is a grey area where hobbyists who are not color blind could benefit from this? For example the pinks/purples of nitrate kits are difficult to determine color differences with. Could this methodology be used to make the colors read more accurately?
Great article! very genuine and useful!
Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent article - I wouldn't have thought about it - I would also suggest (didnt see it in the article - but I only skimmed it - since I'm not color blind - there are non - colorimetric tests also ( i.e. machines (Hanna) - that can read the results. Very well described though - and detailed on your part
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Very smart idea! You might find Hanna Checkers easy to use as they give you a number by reading the titrations for you :)
Very well done and very informative. The information is practical and can be very helpful to many...Well done Sir

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Great idea! I'm sure that many other readers will also see the benefit of this technology. You could easily work this in to an inexpensive Alk monitor and doser, I may just make one and see how it works out. Thanks for posting this information.
This is straight brilliant. Little things like this just add so much interest to my day, and are why I love this hobby and R2R. Thank you for sharing
Great and very innovative, im colorblind my self so I always had my girlfriend help me read colors. I am defiantly giving this a shot!
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This is a trailblazing article for me. It is a carefully written account about a useful innovation. There is enough information here for me to install this approach at home and improve on it if I want. This invention seems like it could be used to compare colors on chart to a test solution and interpolate between color patches. The interpolation will require some code though. Thank you for sharing.