1. esther

    Testing, Testing . . . 1 2 3

    OK, so it's water test day... Wondering what you all make of these numbers (keep in mind we did all tests twice, just to be sure). My biggest issue is Alkalinity. We're going to retest today after we recalibrate our KH Director to see if it ends up closer to our Hanna tester. Which ones do we...
  2. D

    What chemicals / concentrations are used for standard test kits?

    I'm a controls engineer by day, so I've been musing about making a DIY Trident / Reefbot automated test system in my spare time. My willingness to embark on such a project is dependent on the availability of affordable reagents, and preferably reagents that dont need to be vigorously shaken...
  3. nickkohrn

    Trident Owners - Do You Still Test Manually?

    Question: If you own a Trident, do you still perform manual tests with the test kits that you used prior to acquiring a Trident, such as Salifert, Hanna, Red Sea, et al. Why do you, or do you not, perform manual tests? I tried searching for threads that involve discussions about whether Trident...
  4. Peach02

    Apex Questions

    Im researching a new tank and looking into a controller that can - have a feed mode, matinance mode and power outage mode at the press of a button or ideally from my phone (iPhone 8) - moniter pH, salinity and temperature - turn off various hardware remotely - automatically top up the tank -...
  5. ChronosReef


    Howdy everyone, my love just got me the new apex system and a new trident :)!! So i'm selling my kh director I purchased Jan 16'th of last year so still under warranty. Everything works great, includes Kh director, Stand alone GHL doser all cables and half a bottle of 1000ml reagent. 600...
  6. AquaLocker

    RAFFLE PRIZE Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Giveaway (no purchase necessary)

    No purchase necessary, but lots of ways to enter - for R2R members only! One winner only. The winner receives a new Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Learn more about this product here: Ways to be entered: PLEASE post in this thread when you have qualified for any entry in any category below...
  7. Jeremy Chatham

    ReefBot Reef Kinetics Issues Post them Here

    If you are having trouble with your ReefBot, lets discuss them here. Lets find out if we are all having the same issues. I am currently experiencing the following issues with my new reefbot. 1.RoDi and waste container volumes are not calibrated correctly. 2.Result Values are not accurate...
  8. Jeremy Chatham

    My New ReefBot cannot test 8 things. Only 4.

    So I just received my new reefbot. I am surprised to report that it cannot test 8 different things as one setup. I am able to test Alk. Calcium. Mag. And phosphates. So even though there are 8 vials in the machine some test kits require multiple reagents for a single test. I guess I will need...
  9. Austin Lee

    First time testing Calc & Alk. Calc seems high?

    Hi all, I invested in a couple of Hanna checkers for the first time! I have a 25 lagoon that's about 7 months old. It's all LPS right now, and I'd like to add some montis soon, so I tested both Calc & Alk today for the first time and they came in at 518 & 8.1, respectively. I double tested...
  10. J

    My Trident Review

    So I received my Trident a couple days ago. I've been playing around with it and here's what I've come up with so far. They give you a small piece of paper in the box that tells you to go to TASKS>Trident Initial Setup. They also give you a piece of paper with a BIG NO NO on plugging it in...
  11. Alexreefer

    Icp Coralvue or ICP-OES triton

    Which icp would you use and why? I am looking for an icp test and the coralvue is cheaper than the triton but is there a difference?
  12. Reefboy1

    ATI ICP-OES Water Analysis: can't Register a new account

    So I think I need help;Bored I want to start using ATI's Essentials. I ordered the 3 part system and the Professional ICP-OES Water Analysis. I filled all the tubes and then tried to create a account on lab.atiaquaristik.com. I'm sure it is me but for some reason it is not letting me create an...
  13. mahindra.dev

    Poll: Which ICP-OES testing is better

    Fellow reefer, im trying to get a feel for how many of you do ICP testing and which one you prefer. If this is about knowing the 32 elements in your reef water, then why is there a cost difference? Excuse my ignorance or grammar. Just looking for input. I have a poll, which one to pick and how...
  14. MarineDepot

    Hanna Makes Testing Fun, Fast, & Easy!

    Hanna Makes Testing Fun, Fast, & Easy! Tired of matching colors to a color chart? Get an accurate digital reading with Hanna's water testing tools!
  15. potatocouch

    Which mobile app do you use to log your params records?

    I'm particularly looking for recommendation for Android app :) Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  16. vsaunders

    Aquarium Testing

    Hi all, I made an Excel spreadsheet that acts as an aquarium testing log. In this log I have put formatting that will show when the levels of the are either high or low. The parameters for the ranges are typical for mixed tanks, however the parameters can be altered to fit your needs for...
  17. Fishboy&crazycatfishlady

    Testing kits

    Tank and stand are up! Rockscape is, I THINK, finally in its place lol and equipment is ready. RODI is filling up as we speak. But now here is my slight dielema, I bought the API master test kit, not the one for reef as I’m not including corals just yet. But I’m now reading and hearing some...
  18. nautical_nathaniel

    Looking to Upgrade My Testing Supplies - Need Recommendations

    I would like to upgrade from the API tests I have now to something a little more accurate and trustworthy among fellow hobbyists. Currently I'm looking at this Salifert kit. Is there another site out there that has it priced cheaper? I know I need pH, Ammonia/Ammonium, Nitrate, Calcium...
  19. John Ostler

    Need more testers for Aquarium Camera app ver 2.0

    So. It's been a crazy past 2 weeks. I launched an iOS app that corrects blue light shift called 'Aquarium Camera' http://aquariumcameraapp.com. ReefBuilders picked it up and a lot of people got the results they wanted, but a good number of people did not. What I didn't see coming is that a LOT...
  20. tjb1993

    Question on Pinpoint Monitors

    Hello all; I saw on LiveAquaria while watching the Bruins home opener here in beantown that they are now selling equipment directly. I stumbled across the pinpoint monitors, pH, salinity, Ca+, etc. I am wondering if there is an all-in-one product that can detect whatever parameter you select...
  21. drblakjak55

    Retired doc 2 years into reefing

    90 gallon. 20 gallon sump with Bubble Magus 170 skimmer, filter sock, lots of chaeto growing fast under a Home Depot 7000K Halogen. My main question is about additives. If a 25% water change is done every two weeks are any additives needed. 1.024, ph at 8, kh at 8.2(hanna), Ca 385, Mg...
  22. Renelope

    Testing Help!

    Hello, I'm really new to the SW aquarium world and I've got a question to ask everyone... I'm looking to have a reef tank and I am wondering about test kits... I've got the API master kit currently - but I know that I will also need to purchase a few more tests to get things going, Alkalinity...
  23. C

    Nitrate or Phosphate?

    should I get a good nitrate test kit or a good phosphate test kit first? I would like to get both but I can only get one for right now.
  24. AwildcatsZ

    A whole new world...reefing while colorblind

    My entire life I grew up in a muted world. I grew up in a brown brick house, didn't understand why street signs were so dull, and never understood why people were confused with my fascination with neon colors (neon pink being my favorite). Then one day while at the doctor's office it all made...
  25. zachxlutz

    Have a lot of testing "stuff"? Check out my storage solution!

    At some point, on some forum, I saw someone using a nice little storage container to hold all of their testing equipment and reagents and thought it was a great idea. Well, I was shopping at Lowe's the other day and came across this nice little deal and thought I'd share how I'm using it...
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