The 2017 Mr. Saltwater Tank V.I.P. Trip

Reef2Reef is all about finding and sharing unique content and we've come across a very unique opportunity to see the animals in your tank, in the...
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    Reef2Reef is all about finding and sharing unique content and we've come across a very unique opportunity to see the animals in your tank, in the ocean!

    Mark Callahan, aka “Mr. Saltwater Tank” has put together a trip tailored for reef junkies and he promises your non-reef junkie spouse won’t get bored as the trip takes place on a private island in Fiji.

    The trip starts in Los Angeles, CA with a rare behind the scenes tour of major fish and coral importer Quality Marine. Quality Marine isn’t open to the public, but as a trip participant, you’ll get a guided tour to the whole facility.

    The Aquarium of the Pacific is the next stop where you’ll get another behind the scenes tour by the aquarium curator.

    Next stop: Fiji

    Why Fiji? Mark tells us why.

    “Fiji is home to some of the top dive sites in the world and once you look underwater, it isn’t hard to see why. The fish and coral species are abundant and dense. 5 foot tabling acropora are common as well as LPS, zoas and clownfish in anemones. When I first got in the water in Fiji, my brain went into information overload. Imagine a fully stuffed mixed reef tank, but on the scale the size of the ocean. There was so much to see that I couldn’t process it all.”

    To help you identify everything you see and point out things you don’t see, Mark is bringing along Laura Simmons of Cairns Marine. Cairns Marine is the largest fish and coral exporter out of Australia and Laura is the curator at Cairns Marine. Her resume includes overseeing the creation and running of a large aquarium in Las Vegas, NV as well as being on staff at SeaWorld right out college. She knows fish and coral like the back of her hand and getting to rub shoulders with her for a week in Fiji is quite the opportunity.

    If you think Fiji means staying in a third world accommodations then you would be wrong as Mark chose a private island resort to host the trip. Each room has air conditioning, lava rock showers and there are even tree house rooms with hot tubs available. Add all the spa for you and your spouse to enjoy and we see why Mark says you won’t get bored on the island.


    Rounding out the island experience are sand beaches a reef that starts as close as 50 feet off shore so mother nature’s mixed reef tank isn’t far away.

    The trip caters to diver and non-divers alike as there is plenty of great snorkeling right off the beach. Boat snorkeling excursions happen daily and they are complementary.

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    If your traveling companion isn’t into reefs, Mark says that’s not a problem as there is hiking, off-island excursions, a pool and don’t forget the spa to keep him/her entertained.

    Full trip details including pricing can be found here: Fiji Trip Info

    Of course Mark is a video guy, here’s a teaser video for the trip!

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