The BulkReefSupply Brine Shrimp Hatchery

Ever notice how many spare parts you can accumulate from reef equipment that you buy? What do you do with all these parts?! Well, I have a...
  1. What to do with all those spare parts...

    @Bulk Reef Supply and @randyBRS always add, to an extreme sometimes, every extra part you might need. What do you do with all these parts?! If you are like me, they go into a random fish stuff drawer in my "Fish room" (really the guest bathroom). What do you do with it?

    I have a mandarin that is doing well, but I wanted to make sure that he was getting all the food he needs. I decided to look into a brine shrimp hatchery. $120....$70...what!?! No way I was going to get any of the reactors on the market with those prices, so I went to the random drawer to build my own.


    Part List:

    Some of the parts ready to build

    The Build:

    Step 1: Using a knife put a small hole into one of the "feet" of the 2-Liter bottle, then insert the clear acrylic tubing.

    Step 2: OPTIONAL - I trimmed my acrylic tube due to height limitations

    Step 3: Attach MOR Lock elbow to the top of the acrylic tubing. Then add airline tubing to the other side

    Step 4: Attach valve on airline tubing to control air flow into the chamber

    Step 5: Attach the garden hose adapter to the 2-Liter bottle. Make sure this is on very tight with a water test before you move forward. Then attach air tubing.

    Step 6: The BRS 2 Part container acts as a stand for the reactor. Make a small hole in the BRS 2 Part 1 Gallon container for the airline tubing, and then install the 2-Liter

    Step 7: Attach the Ball valve and you are done!

    And here it is in action!!

    Gotta keep those mandarins happy!

    Mandarin photo by R2R member @chopsie

    Have you guys got a DIY innovation or creative idea you've used your spare parts for? Be sure to share it on the R2R DIY forum so the rest of us can check it out!

    Happy Reefing!

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