The Psychology of Reefing, part 2 "The therapeutic effect".


Expanded upon the first article "The Psychology of Reefing" that I wrote some time ago, there are other emotions and physical effects that we go through keeping an aquarium in our homes, that is just as important and touches upon a wide variety of emotions, feelings and physical effects. This is an expansion of that and is needed to be talked about.

The therapeutic effect.


Our daily lives are full of stress, requirements of us. Be work, family or friends, even our own mental health and physical well-being coming into play with this. All of us are fully aware of what is placed on our minds and bodies everyday. It can be very overwhelming at times. Also what happens to others around us, be it friends and family, the daily news or financial burdens can have a toll on us all.

Many of us are constantly seeking for some peace and escape from reality. To forget about all of it. A place to ease our minds, a place to relax and meditate, even if it's temporary for short periods of time.

A reef tank can be that escape!

Be honest with ourselves, we all have sat for hours at a time staring at our little world's we have created in wonder. Amazed at the fact that we have this world in our homes. A living ecosystem totally reliant on us to care for. We did this. It's a extension of ourselves and it can have a effect on others in our homes as well. But it's much more than that......

The therapeutic effect our tanks give us is well documented.


There have been numerous clinical studies done over the decades on how our aquariums heal us. Reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure, reduced heart rates, reduced stress, over all improvement in ones sense of well being, reduced depression....the list goes on and on. Just Google "the aquarium therapeutic effect" to see the results for yourself. There's a lot out there.

It can literally save our lives too. Wayne Scott a combat veteran who spoke at Macna 2016 with a very moving speech, on how keeping a reef saved his life and gave him purpose after trying to adjust to civilian life. Worth every minute to watch.

PTSD is a real and damaging condition. It can be from combat as our veterans can full attest to, or individuals in civilian life that have experienced tragedy and live with it everyday. Our reefs can help though "the aquarium therapeutic effect". I have personally read countless stories of military veteran reefers telling of how their reefs have helped them, having better lives. Their stories are humbling and very powerful.

As a veteran myself, I can fully appreciate their selfless giving to our nation. They are all my brothers and sisters for life and beyond. Thank you.

People of all walks of life, rich or poor benefit from having a reef. Some have disabilities and health issues that having a reef help them cope with life. Their stories are as moving and inspirational to us all. I can personally relate to this as I too cope with health issues. My tank helps me each and everyday, keeping me focused, giving a sense of peace and relaxation. It's been very helpful after a long day at work and place to escape.

They are everywhere!


I know you have seen aquariums virtually any where at sometimes in your life. Doctors offices, dental offices, hospitals and children's hospitals...etc. Why? They give a sense of peace to those going through stress, injury, disease and healing. A place to let go and forget about what they are going through, if only temporary. Health professionals know this "effect" on their patients and spend the money placing these systems in their facilities for this reason. As with other studies done on this subject, there have been studies in this area as well and back up this "effect".

Public aquariums have millions of visitors each year. Aside of the effect of wonder and amazement, there has been studies including the therapeutic effect on visitors. Again for the reasons I've stated, sense of peace and a calming effect. The pull and effect the ocean has on our minds and well being in a building that we can go and experience, has this effect on us. It can be very powerful and long lasting.

I have personally seen businesses that have nothing to do with the hobby, have a tank. Restaurants in particular. I personally ask to be seated as close to their tank as possible when can, but of course I'm a hobbyist, but it's so peaceful to eat close to the tank! Lol

And once again, in our homes.....


The aquarium hobby, fresh and saltwater has millions and millions of hobbyists world wide. That includes ponds. There are good reasons for this and one of the big ones is "The aquarium therapeutic effect"!

So even if you haven't thought about it, hasn't even crossed your mind, your tank is helping you with your mental and physical well being and quite possibly those around you. It's a very good thing!

Live long and reef! Fins up!