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  1. Critteraholic

    Are these Amphipods eating my zoas?

    What really hurts is that -I- am 100% responsible for those #$%^ing dinos. ;Meh OOooo I would love to have a possum wrasse! Have fun getting one!
  2. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE Aquaculture's all access pass to Reef-A-Palooza chicago 2021

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a vendor at the BIGGEST reef expo!? Well we are going to show you ; from the 20+hour drive to the breakdown! Or as much as we possible can without getting in trouble Something tells me this is going to be a fun trip and I’m excited to share it with...
  3. Creggers

    QUESTION OF THE DAY Barebottom Reefers vs Sand Bed Reefers: Which one are you?

    I have sand in my 75 and will always have sand in traditional rectangle tanks. I do however plan on eventually upgrading my 75 and making it purely LPS/Softies (with sand) and having a 60 cube with SPS only running BB with a sandy fuge. #goals
  4. glennf

    Yes.... the panoramereef build is on

    Thursday, oktober 14, 2021 - #panoramareef - the esthetics (tryout) Drill holes into the doors which serves as handles and placed magnetic doorlocks. Also experimenting with frontpanels for the looks of it. The panorama reef is built in between. The emphasis here is that it must remain fun...
  5. Rick's Reviews

    Hello Instagram Handles @jptankkid

    This is my mushroom and green Star polyp arrival and in aquriam, this is work done on my vehicle, my boiler... If you want to be an Instagram kid then show us more lol, be real about it not stock photos... Especially when your real photos are so unclear and your ,,'stock' photos are hd like...
  6. Sweet Reef

    Build Thread Sweet Reef // ELOS Midi 36

    Started the cycle last week! I am hoping to be able to move the livestock over from my fluval evo in the next couple weeks. The evo will be turning into another build thread for a Halloween themed reef, #spookyreef.
  7. glennf

    Yes.... the panoramereef build is on

    Tuesday, oktober 12, 2021 - #panoramareef - making of the doors. Finally it stopped raining and i work on the door. Sanding the planks, putting the door together and mounting them in front of the stand. My sanding belt was worn out so i stopped. Need to get new an spares to continue. Still...
  8. Zach B

    RAP Chicago?

    Excited for the show and to see everyone. Like @vetteguy53081 said maybe some of us can get together for lunch or dinner. Hope everyone is well :) #608Reefers
  9. glennf

    Yes.... the panoramereef build is on

    Tuesday, oktober 12, 2021 #panoramareef - Happy with progres up till now. 5x GHL mitrax LX7205 used on 40% max producing 240PAR on the bottom @40cm waterhight. Slight silcate-algae showing up, which is normal in this stage. In the weekend we did some small chores like mounting doors and lamp to...
  10. NJTaxMan

    If you were going to buy a brand new light for your reef RIGHT NOW, which one would you get?

    A #noopsyche because I just won two of them and I am going to tell everyone!!
  11. MrsJones91011

    Build Thread #crazychickenlady turned #crazyfishlady... Let's do this!

    I fall hard when it comes to hobbies! All or nothing! #iwantitall
  12. Fishinabarrel

    QUESTION OF THE DAY What do you trust? Par Meters or Eyes?

    I trust wattage. On a metal halide. #lifeWasSimplerThen
  13. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE- Mediocre Photo's

    Sometimes a war paint is better that a master. its all about that contrasting colors. #reefapalooza
  14. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE- Mediocre Photo's

    Just in time for #rapchicago if you wanna see these in person now's your chance
  15. glennf

    Yes.... the panoramereef build is on

    Friday, oktober 8 2021 #panoramareef - The move to section1 20:00 Leon Koopmans and Stefan Vonk visited me and at some point i said i was going to move the inhabitant of all the small tanks towards section1 this weekend. They offered to do it right now, so we did..... As well oiled machine we...
  16. Flame2hawk

    Just got Red Sea Reefer 3xl 900 set up….ugh

    Thx for feedback. My beef is with their instructions and lack of customer Centricity by not caring about accuracy of such. Additionally their response is ridiculous as they have not addressed this issue for years. As far as the quality of the set up once you are hassled by the process there are...
  17. Z

    First fish tomorrow but phosphate .25

    Hi All, Just new to the hobby, but I have had my tank up and running since 1st October. Parameters have looked fine and consistent Calcium - 420 Alk - 12dKH Mag - 1400 NH3 ammonia - 0.001mg/l (ppm) NH4 - 28.67 (ppb) don’t know if this ok Salinity - 1.024 Temp - 24-25 degrees Celsius pH -...
  18. Anthony Scholfield

    Whats your favorite battery backup?

    Definitely DIY. You will save a ton of money for a better backup that lasts longer and will run your equipment longer in the event of an outage which will give you more time to handle it better. You dont even need to be that handy with wiring. I built mine last month and it is a UPS type. I...
  19. Anthony Scholfield


    I also believe there are great benefits to dosing LIVE phyto on the regular. I have been doing it for several months now and believe my reefs are benefiting. I culture my own, two types, Nannocloropsis and tetraselmis. This helps with variety as they both are different sized and have different...
  20. Winnie-Maxspect

    Video - Maxspect Coral Tweezers

    [VIDEO] ▶ - MAXSPECT Coral Tweezers - Mr. Saltwater Tank - R.U.F. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/video-%E2%96%B6-maxspect-coral-tweezers-mr-saltwater-tank-r-u-f.851044/ Let's check out this video of #Maxspect Coral Tweezers from @SaltwaterAq and...
  21. Fercho

    Beware of Vinegar - The Pump Killer

    This is all wrong. Yes, vinegar will corrode your magnets most likely. But what i found, specifically talking about #ecotech power-heads is that small starina stars find their way inside the pump housing where the magnet is. Starina stars are hard as a piece of rock. When the starina star...
  22. glennf

    Yes.... the panoramereef build is on

    Wednesday, oktober 5, 2021 #panoramareef - deadrock and powerfilter. I placed an additional 75 kilo coralsand and 120 kilo deadrock that i had lying around in the garden. The watervolume up till now taken in by sand and rock is about 200 liters The water is clearing up slightly due to the...
  23. Thank Space

    Build Thread Thank Space after crashes 15 month

    17 month update #Orphek #Aquaforest #Hardcoreefer