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  1. CodyBot


    That feeling when you forget you had GMK Zoas, they fall off the rack and get covered in sand, then you find them a few months later poking their heads out to get light #reefingproblems
  2. SaltyT

    Monster Build my new baby

    I don't have any new pics for #WrasseWednesday just an old favorite And a pretty flower from my backyard to add some cheer
  3. CodyBot


    Clearly, one of them is #teamjohnnydepp and one of the is #teamamberheard The first is so #teamjohnnydepp
  4. blaxsun

    EMERGENCY Losing fish and now my urchin

    Unfortunately, by the time an urchin starts losing its spines it's almost always a slow decline until it dies. There's not a lot you can do except continue to feed it seaweed. #fishmedic
  5. Sean Clark

    Creating focal points with coral placement can save you $$

    Will that depth given to the tank include lighting? As in contrast and shadows? That thing people seam to forget about reciently? #ShadowsForReefTanks #BlanketsAreBad
  6. F i s h y

    Monster Build my new baby

    That was fun... seriously love all of you... #myreeffamily
  7. Sharkbait19

    Yellow watchman goby problem

    Bacterial infection - probably brought on by an injury. #fishmedic
  8. A

    Are my fish sick and if so, what is it??

    No one died today, so that's nice. I got my Salifert ammonia kit and my hanna copper. Ammonia looks like nothin. Copper looks a little high at 2.93. So that API test clearly just sucked. Is 2.93 bad or will it go away with another WC or two? I've been doing one 25% WC per day so far. This...
  9. rmorris_14

    Monster Build my new baby

    hahaha #bucketgoals ;) :cool:
  10. Peace River

    Hospitality Award Thank you @bnord for your hospitality!!!

    We at R2R would like to take a moment to congratulate @bnord on receiving the Hospitality Award! Greeting and assisting new hobbyists is one of the most important functions of this forum. @bnord you have shown repeatedly that this is a priority and we at R2R would like to recognize you for...
  11. homer1475

    EMERGENCY Please please help!!!! Ive tried everything

    Looks a lot like brooklynella to me, but I am far from an expert. Lets get some eyes on the problem: #fishmedics
  12. blaxsun

    Brown Marks on Fang Blenny

  13. Spare time

    What are these egg sac looking things on this fish???

    I have never seen this before. It looks like egg sacs growing on the puffer fish. This is bizarre. The fish is in copper power atm but if anyone has any clue what this is and how to treat it let me know. If you need the water parameters just ask, though I don't think that is necessary in this...
  14. fishguy242

    EMERGENCY Cloudy eye on Whitetail Tang

    hi, https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/some-helpful-hints-when-posting-or-responding-to-threads-in-the-fish-disease-treatment-and-diagnosis-section.775547/ #fishmedic
  15. Sharkbait19

    EMERGENCY What is on this fish?

    #fishmedic Most likely a bacterial infection, probably a result of an injury. Any aggressors in the tank? Best to separate into a hospital tank and treat with an antibiotic.
  16. A

    Are my fish sick and if so, what is it??

    Is there a better Ammonia test I can grab? I also have the little ammonia sensor suction cupped inside the tank. It's between yellow and green atm, not fully green. The copper, I've added quite a bit over the past 3 days. I'm going to get the hanna test because I don't want to overdose. The...
  17. A

    Are my fish sick and if so, what is it??

    Saturday and Sunday went well. I did a 25% water change last night and pumped 25% of my DT water into the QT. Should I start using fresh-made saltwater instead? I am still seeing ammonia and I don't know if I'm colorblind or what, but this color doesn't appear to match the chart. Might be...
  18. Sean Clark

    Ecotech Radion G6?

    No need because shadows are not your enemies. Buy the way, good way to deflect from my position. #ShadowsForReefTanks #BlanketsAreBad
  19. Steven Garland

    Scoly by the slice

    If that were anywhere else they would chop all the "rainbow" colors out and sell.each slice for $1k. Maximum profit I guess. #cowardsofreefing
  20. Sharkbait19

    Is this ich on my Sailfin tang?

    Looks like ich to me. Are the spots fuzzy or more defined? Any flashing? #fishmedic Corals, rocks, and inverts can all carry ich on them.
  21. fishguy242

    Plz help me help my clownfish

    sorry wrong link. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/some-helpful-hints-when-posting-or-responding-to-threads-in-the-fish-disease-treatment-and-diagnosis-section.775547/ #fishmedic