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  1. Mastiffsrule

    So Confused - Water Chemistry

    Hi @MaggieH and #WelcometoR2R Lets see if we can get some answers. So when setting up a new tank I kinda use the api test kit like a flow chart. The tank starts fresh and clean. The goal is to get the filter/Bactria bed established. That is the nitrogen cycle. So the first step is to get...
  2. Peace River

    Salt water mixes

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Thanks for the input - I think you'll find several people around here that agree with you. If you are comfortable sharing, please consider stoping by the Meet & Greet forum to introduce yourself - we're glad you're here!
  3. J

    Utah F/S: LPS Packs

    Few nice LPS packs for sale. Standard r2r DOA rules apply. Shipping is not included in price. $50 additional for shipping All pics taken under G3/T5 combo. Everything (except red and greens) at 100%. Pack #1- $550 F2M Holy Grail Micromussa Event Horizon Favia WWC C3PO Lithophylion WWC Ultron...
  4. Daniel@R2R

    Best Pygmy angel?

    Bump for anyone who might have experience with these guys. #reefsquad
  5. The guppy guru

    Want to know a little brackish secret.

    My goodness I have killed most of my live stock off. I added a new wood air diffuser for my protein skimmer, and apparently my family washed it for me with soap! And I only found out now that they told me. I lost my coral beauty anglefish, my half 2nd stripe clown fish, all of my emerald cobra...
  6. Peace River

    Who has CLASSIC 200INT hep set up

    Congratulations on finding a nice used skimmer! I have several #reefoctopus skimmers (not the 200 INT) and I have found that the line were the cylinder starts to taper in is usually a good water height (in your picture, it is just above the Reef Octopus sticker).
  7. Peace River

    DaVinci Clowns are amazing!

    #WelcometoR2R! Thanks for sharing!
  8. RichtheReefer21

    Sps RTNing after Flux RX treatment HELP!!

  9. K

    Help id algae

    Hi guys First off, thank you all for the help. The black out progresses. Normally my filter floss is brown after 24 hours, now is turning nice and green and so is the 1 micron filter. I'm changing them all out every day. So the blackout is clearly having some impact (whether it will help in...
  10. Crabs McJones

    New old Reefer here.

    Welcome to R2R and thank you for saying hello :) #WelcometoR2R
  11. Dave Mrnak

    Please Critique My Current Plans! :)

    Back from dead! I totally thought this app died as I could never login. I never even thought to try the internet. Anyhow, here is where he stand My current livestock are: 1 trochus snail 1 cleaner shrimp 1 purple sea urchin 2 ninja star snails 2 emerald crabs 2 Dispar Anthias 3 damsels 7 black...
  12. ndrwater

    Excited but nervous

    1st off, #WelcometoR2R !! 2nd. The basics are still the same. There is always this to read.. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/cycling-an-aquarium.306554/ Keep the questions coming!! We'll get you there!!
  13. Peace River

    Skimmer too large?

    #WelcometoR2R and congratulations on your saltwater adventure! I currently have 3 #reefoctopus skimmers running on different tanks including the 150 INT classic. IMO you will be fine with the Reef Octopus 150 INT on your system both now and in the future.
  14. RCS82

    gcarroll's 260g SPS reef

    No updates? #gcarroll That tank and aquascape is fantastic
  15. Crabs McJones

    Reef Tank 365 Reef Tank 365 Featuring Vette67's 180 Reef

    Today's Reef Tank 365 Feature is Vette67's 180 Gallon Reef Join me in congratulating @Vette67 for their tank being spotlighted as today's Reef Tank 365 feature! This 180 gallon reef was started February 2002. You can follow this reef and see more pics and info info by clicking HERE. Thank...
  16. Dolelo96

    My tank

    There are can be any number of reasons your fish died. Disease, stress, contaminants, water quality. Salinity is a bit low. Do you have any water test kits at home? You really should be able test your water..salinity, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium are important, especially if you have corals...
  17. Peace River

    GIVEAWAY: EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food

    Congratulations Michael - you're fish will love the #EasyReefs food! Thanks @Premiumaq for making this happen!
  18. BAPrince

    How to Quarantine

    I only got through 56 outstanding pages out of 105... My brain hurts. So much good information... Thank you! Question: Can the observation tank, that the fish go into after Day #14 (Tank #2), have sand and rock? Inverts? The wife is asking, hoping I don't make her keep TWO sterile "looking"...
  19. smiley28

    Hectors IM tank

    I don’t think so. I bought the fixture due to it being open box and being much more affordable. I’ve been testing its par and I have to say the #s brs posted in their video on it are pretty close.
  20. Flippers4pups


    Kinda looks like Brooklynella, but need a better picture. I'm at work, so if I don't respond back: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/fish-diseases-101.189284/ #reefsquad
  21. Raege

    I received a box of rocks today.

    #reefingaunatural be on the look out for the 12 part Brs video series. I’m sticking up on snacks like popsicles for it
  22. brodyquinthooper

    Closed Zoas

  23. G

    Acropora ID Help, Please

    #1 This was from a local reefer and I honestly forget the name he said. #2-5 were non-identified from an acro pack that ended up growing into great looking colonies. Great point.