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  1. Js.Aqua.Project

    Radion G5 Rant. $900?

    If you like/want the light then buy it, if you don't then don't buy it. R2R is a great place to come learn, discuss, and debate; however, we can only beat a dead horse for so long... Hey #MODS I think this thread has run its course.....
  2. Malifry97

    Bugs on my Zoanthids??

    #reefsquad @KJ
  3. Peace River

    Well my skimmer died....

    Congratulations on the new skimmer! The Reef Octopus 220 Elite is really nice! #reefoctopus
  4. Arcticwolf

    Florida GHL Slave Doser 2, 3 pumps

    Sold! Thanks, #MODS please close
  5. ScottR

    Check out this moon coral...

    I allow animals to do their business in private. #AnimalPrivacy
  6. Stevel

    All new Supporting Member Perks! Support R2R!

    Supporting member here #TUNZE
  7. Daniel@R2R

    GIVEAWAY WIN A TUNZE STREAM 3!! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

    Hey Reef2Reefers!! We've got another awesome giveaway for you guys from TUNZE!! This one has a prize valued at over $350!! This month we're making it EASY to have lots of entries! All you have to do is one or more of the following things to qualify to win! 1. Update your Reef2Reef tank thread...
  8. Daniel@R2R

    Acropora Crabs, are they beneficial? Could they eat Red Bugs.....

    Interesting question. I've always wanted an acro crab. Not sure about the red bugs though. #reefsquad
  9. Nick Steele

    Possible ID please

    Anyone? #reefsquad
  10. Dragon52

    Some form of worm or feather duster?

    I can't make it out but maybe #reefsquad can help.
  11. Dragon52

    Aluminum Stand design

    Ok, I still prefer #1, much better support to me
  12. Peace River

    Marineland 75g can I drill it?

  13. AZMSGT

    Documenting RRC Rainbow Splice Growth Thread

    I’ve been honored to see this coral in person, I can say every time I see it I’m amazed. #BillknowsCorals
  14. Big G

    Mixing Salt

  15. Reefyyy

    what is the best seahorse/pipefish for my tank if i were to get one in the future?

    #MODS please remove this post per op request because it is no longer needed
  16. JoshH

    The Miracle Tank

    You had me right up until that blasphemous last step and now I have to reconsider our continued friendship. The wife and I found this oil and vinegar shop and now we drizzle flavored oil and herbs over our pasta with a side of salad with one of the numerous vinaigrettes you can make...
  17. maroun.c

    February, 2020 POTM Contest - Tank Room!

    10 days to go let's see some more tank room pictures:) #POTM
  18. Reefyyy

    What is this on my trachy??

  19. iiskevinn

    What is this on my trachy??

  20. Reefyyy

    Macroalgae problem!

    maybe #reefsquad can help with this?
  21. Dragon52


  22. F

    What type of water barrel to use

    Hello, I have the chance to buy 4 - 55 gallon white plastic (recycling symbol #2) barrels for about $100. The user stored dry corn in them for a corn burner he had. Would these be safe to put RODI water in the? Thx, Steve
  23. ELOSAmerica

    Prodibio Biodigest question

    thank you for this feedback , Prodbio Biodigest and Bioclean is sure a very good product For the control Of nutirments in the tank . you can follow the ProdibioUSA facebook page or Instagram for more info on the brand Or ask me all your question if you need it . francois #Prodibioambassadors
  24. ELOSAmerica

    Where's all the Prodibio?

    hello Everybody . PRODIBIO IS STILL AVAILABLE IN THE USA ... Follow Prodibio USA on Facebook or Instagram... For More News about US . The distribution in 2019 was chaotic and the selling price was sometimes a bit high and the brand was abandoned by the big names in the online business. the...
  25. T

    Clownfish staying on the bottom for months but is healthy kinda... HELP

    So I have had an ocellaris clownfish (1 1/2") for about 4 months now. He has been in my 45 gallon reef with my true perculla clownfish (Black onyx Picasso) female (2 1/4"). When I first introduced him, they had a bit of bickering but then quickly paired up. They were paired for about the first 3...
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