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Hash tag usage

  1. fishguy242

    Serious marine velvet on tangs

    hi going to call the experts for help, try to post pics before they come..best wishes.. #reefsqaud @Jay Hemdal
  2. Rp8

    Help with clear bubbles on live rock

    It was Vetteguy53081 recipe that I used! Thanks #vetteguy53081 !!!
  3. Ryde

    Worried about new hammer coral not opening

    Bump! #reefsquad I'm no expert but it's probably just getting used to it's new environment. Did you coral dip it before you added it? If so how long?
  4. aznreef99

    Florida Lighting Radion G5 XR15 Blue

    SOLD! #mod please close. thanks
  5. fishguy242

    Salinity question

    #reefsqaud ??
  6. Cole.mormon

    Why Fish in Captivity get Sick

    #autism awareness
  7. Sisterlimonpot

    California WTB Apex Board Creation and Cable management

    You'll want to post this thread in here https://www.reef2reef.com/forums/southern-california-reef-keepers.354/ try to get a moderator to move your thread over there... #moderator #MODS

    The first time my tank ever made me curse outloud

    Probably #reefsquad can help here to be sure what's it. But if is what I'm thinking about, don't take it off the hard way, 1 is to take off the LR out of the water and to flush and suck it with turkey baster the other way if you can't take it out do it in the tank. be careful not to split it...
  9. Peace River

    maxspect gyre 300 Pump A dead

    I'm sorry to hear about your pump - I know how frustrating that can be. If you don't get any feedback here to solve your issue by the end of the weekend, then you may want to reach out to [email protected] next week (I think they provide support for this pump). @[email protected]
  10. SHNICI

    Aiptasia as a Pest - and ways to get rid of it

    I think that's one of the most popular and common pest in our reef system, and I don't saw any in the hobby to say "I never - ever got Aiptasia in my reef system" I want everyone of you who got problem with or just found his best solution to share it here. Like the TITLE say, can we collect many...
  11. redfishbluefish

    Hospitality Award Congratulations to @KWT for receiving the Hospitality Award!

    We at R2R would like to take a moment to congratulate @KWT on receiving the Hospitality Award! Greeting and assisting new hobbyists is one of the most important functions of this forum. @KWT you have shown repeatedly that this is a priority and we at R2R would like to recognize you for this...
  12. Mooses

    Corals Not Happy

    You could always try another heavy handed water change if you want to try & save them. #reefsquad may have other ideas.
  13. DaddyFish

    Who Runs Multiple Tanks, Is It a Pain, or Worth It?

    I am NOT retired and I currently have five tanks; 90 SW, 90 SW, 54 SW, 45 FW, 20 SW. There are definite pros and cons to multiple tanks. Here's my list... Pros * If you like tinkering with species and personalities of fish, multiple tanks allows you to re-locate when someone isn't getting...
  14. fishguy242

    New reefer day one setup/ beginning cycle

    #MODS can you help ,thanks
  15. Miguel Negron

    Secret Santa 2019

  16. 802ScubaFish

    Felix smart any good?

    #MODS double post
  17. Idoc

    Purple tang blind and spin behavior

    His actions do look like he may be in the process of losing his sight...swimming in the direction he can see a little. Plus the fast movements of his eyes looks like it is trying to look around. I am not aware of an external disease that causes this behavior, though. It really could be...
  18. fishguy242

    Is this Brook?

    hi,lets call the experts,@Jay Hemdal #reefsquad
  19. ca1ore

    My Magnificent Sea Anemone Journey....

    It’s quite remarkable how far gone these things can look but still be recoverable. My old mentor used to say that they could look like hammered dog #%*? one day; fine the next. I commend you for your perseverance.
  20. L

    Tennessee Lighting LED SOLD Hydra 52 HD

    #MODS please lock as sold thanks
  21. fishguy242

    Alkalinity low Calcium high

    i am not familiar w cal reactors,would think try to slow down ,slowly bump alk let balance :) #reefsquad
  22. Santa Claus

    Now that we've had our first name draw, here are some things to make sure of.

    Ho! Ho! Ho! I'm so excited that we've had our first names drawn! And if you are just now joining us, don't worry! We'll be drawing names again either on November 15th or when we get to 200 participants (whichever comes first)! Haven't joined R2R Secret Santa for 2020 yet, but still want to...
  23. rapid

    Is my porcelain crab stressing my RBTA

    So my above question to those RBTA pros is below just incase it wasnt clear in the above!! 1. Do nems usually split to accommodate more hosters. 2. should i leave the crab in the dt? 3. is the crab causing my nems stress and should i be worried? i have not found any info here on if these crabs...
  24. Pkunk35

    Hello Freshwater guy looking to make the jump

    Welcome!! One small thing to think about on the size of the tank since you said you wanted mostly fish/livestock with some softies, please consider that system size is going to be the #1 consideration for most fish (and #of fish). So if you know you want a tang/angel or something else wicked...
  25. Mastiffsrule

    KH AND NO3 high

    Hi @Hitman66 and #WelcometoR2R Tank looks great. When you are asking about how to control nitrate and alk they are really totally separate approaches. Your alk is going to be tied into your calcium. Before acting on your alk I would ask what you calcium level is. Drastic shifts in alk can be...
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