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  1. Goalie

    Unhappy euphyllia

    Used quick start bacteria. In about 7 days it would completely get rid of ammonia in about 24hours. I posted on #askbrs a few times, i was told to dose ammonia to double check. I did that twice and the bacteria ate it all up. I let it be for 3 weeks before i added corals. There is 1 fish in...
  2. Ashv5


  3. Jake Adams

    Shallow Reefs We Found On #reefbuilders Instagram

    Raise your hand if you like shallow reef tanks because we sure do!! While scrolling through #ReefBuilders on Instagram it seems these lagoon-style reefs are becoming increasingly popular for their minimalistic design and aesthetic. What’s really neat about this style of tank is when aquarist...
  4. revhtree

    I would like to take a moment and welcome Punisher Corals as the newest sponsor of the Reef2Reef community!

    I would like to take a moment and welcome Punisher Corals as the newest sponsor of the Reef2Reef community! We are very happy and thankful to have you as a supporter of our reefing family! Members please extend a hardy R2R welcome to our newest sponsor and please remember to shop with the...
  5. powers2001

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 250 Build

    @ZachP try the hash tag #reeefsquad
  6. sfin52

    Zoanthid ID'ing - R2R Database

    Is it being kept up to date. I don't see anything added since 2015. It is a helpful resource. #MODS can this be made a sticky
  7. Arricefe

    Support Page issues

    Hello is just me or is the submit ticket page down? https://support.coralvue.com/submit_ticket, I just get gears spining with the following text: Resource 'kb-app.css' not found in panel...
  8. Katrina71

    Build Thread The Miracle Tank

    Morning y'all! Work day, but I'm feeling better. I slept the whole weekend. Sinus infection. Probably from wearing a mask. :)
  9. fishguy242

    White injury on blue tang + dots.. ich, or something else?

    i'd say ask the experts ;) best wishes.. #reefsquad
  10. I

    Hi all for Salem, Or

    Welcome Chris. I have family in Salem, it’s a great place to live! #iluvdundeepinots!
  11. BeltedCoyote


    Well, how is the flow with relation to your Goni? They need a pretty decent amount of flow? also, let’s get #reefsqaud in here to help
  12. Daniel@R2R

    Vertical growth with montipora spongodes.

    Bump for some of you #SPSexperts. I do think you're going to get a varied growth pattern from it most likely.
  13. Maxx

    Build Thread Diving The World's 80g Acro Wonderland!

    Must be nice to have acro's that grow like weeds in your tank. #firstworldproblems
  14. B

    White spot on clownfish

    Okay so here’s an update on this special little guy. He has a white pimple that doesn’t seem to go away, and he keeps trying to run it off on the substrate but it doesn’t look like ich, flukes or velvet of any sort. Does anyone have any advice? #reefsquad
  15. Jphillips1999

    GIVEAWAY PRIZE CLAIMED 31 Days of Summer Giveaway! Win a $2000+ Red Sea System!!!

    Has the winner been announced? #Reef2Reef #GIVEAWAY
  16. Ron Reefman

    Red slime animal ID?

    More help: #reefsquad
  17. Keen4

    Installing a UV

    IM trying to assemble my quarts sleeve and Im so nervous that mine is going to Leak just the same. How can I ensure that the sleeve and the o ring is on correctly and tight enough? Isn't there a video somewhere on how to assemble this properly other than the instruction booklet? I put my finger...
  18. Reef Box

    No Videos

    #reefsquad Not sure if this is the right place but I didn't see anywhere else where it might fit. Am I the only one that has an issue with videos not showing up/not playing? I'm on a MAC and it started a few months ago. can someone direct me on how to fix it. I want to see the cool videos...
  19. Fishy65

    ID Please

    I have never seen anything like that before. My first thought was mushroom coral but it really doesn't fit. #reefsqaud any ideas? Its nicely colored.
  20. Mastiffsrule

    Hippo losing color

    Evening and #WelcometoR2R I don’t see anything standing out. It looks like you have him on a good diet. The color shift may just be coincidental growth spurt same time as the redo. Just a thought
  21. Mastiffsrule

    Sargassum Triggerfish with bump on one of his sides?

    Hey, Great looking trigger. See if we can get someone to give a diagnosis #reefsquad
  22. Mastiffsrule

    Any idea what is on clown fish face

    Hi and #WelcometoR2R I was thinking either lympho or bacteria infection under the skin. I would try a mix of Furan-2, Kanaplex, and Metroplex. Is he new, or. has anything new been added to the tank lately?
  23. bsr2430

    Let’s talk about other Controllers other then Apex!

    First off, I’d never post a thread to bash a company? I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t take the time just to do that, if they do then that’s just stupid. Here’s what I want, plug and play. I’d want a full system where I can monitor my levels. Like Ph, Temp, Alk, Mag, Cal. I run MP40’s and...
  24. Peace River

    New to the site and Saltwater :D

    Welcome to Reef2Reef!!! #WelcometoR2R
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