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    Build Thread Two Tanked too Enjoy It...

    Hope all is well! #shrimplife
  2. OrionN

    Xander Nguyen Eagle Scout project fundraiser.

    My youngest son, Xander Nguyen, is in the mid of his BSA Eagle Scout Project. Xander have done all the planning, proposal, cost estimated. Paperwork have been summited and approved. He is raising money for his project at this time. Attached is the flyer he did to solicitation donations for his...
  3. tomtheturkey

    EMERGENCY Please help w Powder Blue Tang

    #fishmedic They will need a picture under white lighting and tank Parameters can help
  4. Starling541

    You call THIS a stocking list?!?!

    Already on the way. I researched the vast benefits of wet rock, and the cons of cost, added difficulties in sculpting, and unintended critters, “for me” was not the route I wanted to go. I’m a bit of a control freak, so I wanted to control, to the best of my ability, to control what is going...
  5. tbrown

    Monster Build my new baby... AKA The Café

    Been a while since I've played so #TorchTuesday!
  6. Peace River

    EMERGENCY My Devil's Hand Lether coral has strange spots!

    Bump. Any thoughts on this issue? #reefsquad
  7. Sleeping Giant

    Reef Musing The one GREATEST money-saving decision you made concerning your reef aquarium was...

    Joining R2R. All the help and tips available here would costs us each thousands of dollars if it wasn't here The giveaways are amazing and there are actually winners. Thanks @revhtree and #r2rcommunity
  8. TripFamAZ

    Build Thread Peacock Mantis Shrimp Adventures

    I’m so excited to be a part of R2R! After about a year of research, lurking in the forums, begging my husband and waiting for the right find, we are taking the plunge and converting our old 29 gallon freshwater to saltwater and planning it ALL around a small peacock mantis shrimp! Don’t come for...
  9. SaltwaterandLime

    Build Thread SaltwaterandLime's epic adhd build thread....

    During the graduation party, my mother threw garbage into my saltwater bin and then had the audacity to act like I was the crazy one for having garbage cans in my kitchen that aren't used for garbage ..... but I mean... where else am I supposed to mix water? #familyneverunderstands
  10. Starling541

    You call THIS a stocking list?!?!

    Thank for the timely feedback. Spontaneity is something struggle with. Timelines and planning is my neurosis! LoL. When I vacation, I pre-plan fuel stops so, yeah, I know it’s in MY head. My kids grew up with “if you’re on time you are late” & “people don’t PLAN to fail, it’s a byproduct of...
  11. Starling541

    You call THIS a stocking list?!?!

    So I’m about 3 months out from my stocking list. My plan is to scape to my stocking plan and I just ordered rock, then cycle the tank and then start stocking. Here is my 10+ Phase list so I can slowly absorb bio load and work through a SIX WEEK quarantine for each phase. 36 gallon bow w/20...
  12. ReefStache

    Large Build ReefStache CADE Reef S2/P Peninsula 228g build is on!!

    ✂️ Day 16 of Fluconazole treatment to kill off Bryopsis and some sort of nuisance turf algae = SUCCESS! I first started trying to beat Bryopsis with raising magnesium to up over 1600 which helped to slow down the growth rate but it just wasn’t enough. After posting about it a lot of you...
  13. ReefStache

    Beating Bryopsis and Turf Algae with fluconazole

    ✂️ Day 16 of Fluconazole treatment to kill off Bryopsis and some sort of nuisance turf algae = SUCCESS! I first started trying to beat Bryopsis with raising magnesium to up over 1600 which helped to slow down the growth rate but it just wasn’t enough. After posting about it a lot of you...
  14. Coral Websites

    Door Busters + New Auctions

    Just Started 80 Auctions with all bidding starting at $1 - NO RESERVES! Plus grab one of our Door Busters at a great price... limited supply so get em now. TCK Wildcard | JF Fox Flame | JF Solar Flare | Amazeballs We will merge your orders so save on shipping and get it all in one box. Visit...
  15. Zero_Cool

    Torn top fin on Sailfin - anything I do?

    #fishmedic I am at my wits end with this tank right now. I feel like a huge failure and and a terrible steward of these beautiful creatures. No idea how it happened. Wasn't there an hour ago. Will this heal or is it permanent? How can I help?
  16. MikeyD1182

    **HELP PLEASE** Radion G5 / G6 RMS Single Arm Mount Tightening Knob Popped Off While On Tank **HELP PLEASE!!**

    I posted here because the issue wasn’t necessarily lighting but light mounting equipment. #MODS please delete or atleast close this as I posted it in the wrong section and now have it in the correct area.
  17. Zero_Cool

    Mimic Tang with bloated belly

    #fishmedic The same fish that I had posted 2 weeks ago with the not eating emaciated look to her has now gone the complete opposite. She now has a bloated belly, has been hiding for 2 days, doesn't come out to eat and no longer swims the tank. She came out today and is having difficulty...
  18. sfin52

    Build Thread Sfin's Dream.

    I thought that was the #Cronies way.
  19. Nman

    Green Chromis acting strange

  20. Heabel7

    Arguments against using cipro

    Please put a link to your sticky thread on how to keep a perfect reef tank. Why is there 100's of personal messages? If you and your friends can do it, then why not share the secret to success to avoid the use of cipro and really this argument entirley. Asking a reefer to search all your...
  21. tomtheturkey

    Clownfish stringy poop?

  22. WWC

    GIVEAWAY CONTEST *** Nano Tank SHOWDOWN 2!!! + GIVEAWAY!!! 2 Winners WIN an Eshopps Deskmate & WWC Corals! ***

    Round 2 & we are so excited for this! Went with the new Eshopps Deskmate Florida as my weapon of choice. Rocks/Water/Sand is what we at WWC like to call a blank canvas #letsgo
  23. lodestone

    Fluval 13.5 Pump & Wave Maker

    Fluval wave maker I placed in mine seeing good water circulation on top. But yes the return pump seemed a bit weak. Just using it as a quarantine tank. Here is a picture of the fluval. Got two nozzles return pump pointed up and the wave maker upper section pointing slightly down thus causes...
  24. littlefoxx

    EMERGENCY Clownfish passed middle of night

    @vetteguy53081 @Jay Hemdal #fishmedic