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  1. J

    GIVEAWAY Discover the Reef Institute! Win a $1,000 Gift Card!

    Bonus #3 The Reefs are important to us because of the amount of fish and marine life that depend on reefs to survive. One way or another, the degree of separation (butterfly effect) would take place if reefs no longer existed. The same as bees on land, if bees are gone, no pollination...
  2. jaxteller007

    EMERGENCY Aiptasia on my duncan???

    I couldn't figure out the last couple days what was seemingly killing my formally thriving Duncan. I've been at work when the lights were on brightly so couldn't see what was up. Turned the whites on today and it looks like freaking an aiptasia head has grown attached! I assume it would be...
  3. MnFish1

    Sick Annularis Angelfish?

    My guess - is that he may have a parasite - due to the addition of 2 new fish (especially if just added) - I'll tag the reefsquad - to see if they can give any advice/insight - do you see any spots - or cloudiness of the fins? When were the other fish added? @ReefSquad #reefsquad @Jay Hemdal
  4. 2Wheelsonly

    Alternate Photon v2 mounting

    Just bumping this to see if anyone has had success lately as it appears Reefbreeders changed the t-bolt to a much smaller length so there isn't enough room to slide this into the t-slot bar. Anyone know where we can get screws that slide into the reef breeder units that are longer? I think I...
  5. Sam816

    Is this ich or fungus?

    I dont think its ich. the white spots are protruding from the skin. ich digs in. I think its bacterial. how is your puffer reacting? is he scratching, going to the surface to breath, sluggish, eating well? calling #reefsquad to the scene.
  6. Daniel@R2R

    Reef Tank 365 Rds85's 360 Peninsula Build

    Today's Reef Tank 365 Feature is Rds85's 360 Peninsula Build Join me in congratulating @rds85 for their tank being spotlighted as today's Reef Tank 365 feature! This reef was started about a year ago. You can follow this reef and see more pics and info by clicking HERE. Thank you @rds85 for...
  7. S

    25 watt sterilizer on a 10 gallon qt

    #MODS or anyone else?
  8. supernanoguy

    Torch ID?

    Hey just wondering if anyone has specific knowledge on this guy. #reefsquad
  9. Peace River

    Hospitality Award Welcome @Z&KFarmsWI to the hospitality club!

    We at R2R would like to take a moment to congratulate @Z&KFarmsWI on receiving the Hospitality Award! Greeting and assisting new hobbyists is one of the most important functions of this forum. @Z&KFarmsWI you have shown repeatedly that this is a priority and we at R2R would like to recognize...
  10. M

    Zoa Id

    Bought this without names .. what are these called #Zoaexperts #zoaworldproblems
  11. kdsmithey

    Spot ID assistance needed

    Quick update. The larger spot is gone. The smaller is still there, but it looks even smaller today. Larger spot was there for less than 24 hours. Just for my understanding for the future, does this still fit the characteristics of lymphocytosis? I have read many of the posts about...
  12. BranchingHammer

    All my corals dying

    What are you using to test the water? How long did the tank take to cycle? #reefsquad
  13. MnFish1

    Flame Angel Heavily Breathing

    I talked to @[email protected] yesterday - he said using that hashtag would help. I'm sorry no one else has come. Will try again. #reefsquad @ReefSquad @[email protected]
  14. maroun.c

    POTM Topics

    posting this thread to get your input on POTM topics you would like to see. please share your favorite topics for POTM keeping in mind the following aspects: - Subject has to be in tank and not in the ocean or public aquariums - Subject has to be widely available so that it doesn't limit...
  15. maroun.c

    CONTEST Jan 2021 POTM: Macro shot

    Welcome to the Reef2Reef POTM Contest - Photo of the Month Sponsored by Avast Marine! This month's subject - Macro shot Deadline to Enter: Jan 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm (EST) Looking forward to another quality POTM this month and expecting amazing pictures from all to do your corals or fish...
  16. smokin'reefer

    Reefleds plus Reefbrite XHO

    I decided to supplement my Reefleds with some Reefbrites. The Reefleds have plenty of power and are growing corals well. What I was having issue with is that they are centered in my tank. Because I have a peninsula, so is my aquascape. This puts most of my light just on the peaks. I get a little...
  17. smokin'reefer

    Build Thread Where there is smoke there is fire! (Hopefully)

    My Reefleds go down the middle of the tank right above where my aquascape peaks at. This causes a bit of shading down both sides of the aquascape. I pondered doing an Aquaticlife hybrid fluorescent to put a better blanket of light on my scape. After seeing some of the stuff #BulkReefSupply...
  18. Creggers

    Build Thread Slow and steady build thread

    So 2021 didn't exactly start off strong. I'm going through a wide-scale tank crash, and I'm still trying to sort out what happened. Going to call out to the #reefsquad to see if there's any idea what's going on. Going to chronologically list out the issues all which started over the holiday...
  19. skimjim

    How to restart passion for the hobby

    You either enjoy it and move forward Or You use to enjoy it, so move on to smthg else Every hobby has its failures. Heck, my cousin enjoys racing motorcycles competitively. He has broken many bones in his body, yet still has the passion to rehab and keep competing. You really need to sit and...
  20. redfishbluefish

    What is this?

    @KJ , #reefsquad can help identify.
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