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  1. ReefStash

    ReefStache January Newsletter & *GIVEAWAY*

    ReefStache January newsletter: New “Feed Your Coral” GIVEAWAY - link and details in the newsletter. #reefstache #feedmycoral #coralfood #algaebarndiscountcode #AlgaeBarn #quantum #quantumusa #coralcane #GIVEAWAY #reefstachenewsletter
  2. Mikey-D

    Pom Pom, Pods & Phyto

    Thank you to #AlgaeBarn I got my shipment in today. The Pom Pom has been glued to the rock. Pods and Phyto will go in tonight
  3. AlgaeBarn


    Happy 4th of July!! GET 20% OFF OF EVERYTHING ON THE WEBSITE!! (excludes map/msrp) Offer ends 7/04 at Midnight MST #AlgaeBarn #4thofjuly #deal #reeftank #fishtank #aquarium #macroalgae #copepods (Edited)
  4. B

    Red Ogo arrived dry

    #AlgaeBarn is an awesome company, they bent over backwards to help me out. They will do what's right. IMO
  5. B

    Chaeto dying, can't determine why

    I received my replacement chaeto and pods today from #AlgaeBarn, it was in perfect shape, even though the USPS once again shoved it in my mailbox. But I was waiting for the USPS and caught them doing the shove and go. Was crazy, the box was again printed with live animals and it had a yellow...
  6. B

    Chaeto dying, can't determine why

    Thanks #AlgaeBarn, it's greatly appreciated!!
  7. B

    Chaeto dying, can't determine why

    #AlgaeBarn, what do you think was the cause? Could it have been cooked or something I did?
  8. B

    Chaeto dying, can't determine why

    Good idea, hopefully they will chime in. And again, #AlgaeBarn, certainly not your fault, just need some guidance.
  9. B


    @AlgaeBarn when will you have some clean chaeto in stock?
  10. omar jawad

    Build Thread Custom Lagoon Book End Tank Design with Waterfall

    #AlgaeBarn #liveaquaria #BulkReefSupply
  11. Txplicit

    Lettuce algae

    ...and into you dt. I have a huge growth of ulva I am trying to maintain right now from over taking my display. I mean it's not a bad thing. Rather ulva than hair or dinos. However, I also like a clean tank and real estate for coral growth too. Any suggestions of clearing the display @...
  12. SaleenCB

    Seeding a Refugium?

    Would highly recommend #AlgaeBarn, They have an excellent refugium starter pack: