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  1. VJV

    BrsTV Investigates Kalkwasser

    #randyBRS hi! In the context of your recent findings on pH levels and the impact in coral health and above all growth, it would be interesting if you guys could make a short video on kalk. What is the best way to mix to ensure full potency (how much, how long, until clear? Manual, pump...) and...
  2. Copingwithpods

    Redsea reef energy plus

    Ahh I see, was hoping I didn't have to order from 2 different places and pay double shipping, hopefully #randyBRS will have some info?
  3. W

    AI 32HD AB+

    #AskBRSTV #randyBRS Hi reefers, Bought two AI 32HD and I’m wondering if the preset AB+ for the 26HD will have the same spectrum on the new models. randyBRs hope you could do some magic on this. Other question, on a 27,5” x 27,5” x 13” what height above water should I go for LPS dominant. I...
  4. Jase4224

    New Filtration System for Reef Tanks!!!

    #randyBRS would you guys put this on your ‘to do’ list to investigate? Your team does it right. Then you could sell the appropriate materials if it proves to be a good method.