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  1. Daniel@R2R

    GIVEAWAY CONTEST PRIZE CLAIMED WIN a BRAND NEW TANK from Red Sea (valued at $3,000)!! This Red Sea Reefer 250 G2+ Deluxe Could be YOURS!!

    EXTRA, EXTRA! BREAKING NEWS: REEFERS, GET READY TO WIN BIG! Attention all you Reef2Reefers!! Brace yourselves for an announcement that's sure to excite you! We at Reef2Reef are ecstatic to tell you that we're teaming up with the one and only Red Sea to bring you the BIG $3,000 GIVEAWAY! Dive...
  2. livinlifeinBKK

    Linckia, Fromia, and All Other Amazing Starfish Keeper Club!

    @revhtree Would it be possible for a small group of members who keep "higher-difficulty" level starfish to form a small group/club as we're all very enthusiastic and passionate about our Echinoderm friends? We actually all happened to come together on a thread earlier to share pictures...
  3. polyppal

    What qualities do you view as being most important in Reefing?

    Just an interesting thought I had, what qualities would you view as being most important in Reefing? I know its a tough choice, but you can only select your top 3 options in the poll! Will be interesting to see with some data what we view as being most important! Equipment (Quality...
  4. Brittanyjo

    Monster Build Holes have been made

    This has been 1 year in the planning and 20 years in the imagination. I am excited and nervous; today I was like oh wait..... NOPE. Holes have been made. This picture does not show the hole that goes in the back wall so I can access it from the back. This tank is 120" X 30" X 30" glass...
  5. Legonch

    Livestock Hot Indo Acro frags!

  6. Ashv5

    Build Thread UNDER $400 90 GALLON REEF

    Hello Everybody! What a great time to start a new system! So at last, the time has come for me to move out of my 40-gallon reef and upgrade to a 90 gallon! I will show you guys how I am keeping this build extremely affordable as time goes on. As of now, I have purchased my tank, stand, sump...
  7. Daniel@R2R


    Welcome to Reef Pro's Summer Splash Giveaway!! Have you guys checked out the hot new name in reef care? Get familiar with REEF PRO!! Reef Pro has a great line of 2-part dosing supplements called Reef Pro Complete, a brand new nutrient export solution called Reef Pro Bio-EX plus 2 coral foods to...
  8. ISFNick

    PETITION for BAY AREA Reefers Club and Banner on Reef2Reef!

    I hope I can get as much support as possible for this to happen! I’ve actually made a ********** PETITION so the staff can see how much support there is for this! Below is the ********** petition description with the link provided :) Please like this post and share with anyone you know from...