180 gallon reef tank

  1. colsons_critters

    Large Build The Secrets to this INSANE 180G SALTWATER AQUARIUM!!!

    The Secrets to this INSANE 180G SALTWATER AQUARIUM!!!
  2. R

    Illinois 180 gallon Reef Ready Acrylic Tank, Stand, & Canopy w/T5 lights $800

    180 gallon Reef Ready Acrylic Tank, Stand, & Canopy - Used T5 lights on 3 circuits Center overflow drilled for 2 return & 2 drains (used overflow piping included) No sump included Overall Dimensions - Length - 73" - Depth - 25" - Height - 64" Tank Dimensions - Length - 72" - Depth - 24" - Height...
  3. strawberry_reef

    Large Build May The Madness Begin. Again. Planet Aquariums 180 Build!

    At 3:00 AM last Thursday, my wife and I awoke to my tank alarm and the fire alarm going off. My oceanic 150 blew a seam and causing an electrical fire. In my 14 years of being in this hobby, I never thought something like this would happen to me (jokes on me lol). Luckily, there’s no damage to...
  4. G

    Reef Tank Fish Stocking 180G

    Tank Dimensions Length 8’ Height 25” Width 18” LPS ONLY Fish: Round 1: Tiger Watchman Goby x2 Scissortail Goby x2 Firefish Goby x2 Harptail Blenny x4 Tangerine Wyoming White Clownfish x2 Coral Banded Shrimp 2+ Round 2: Naoko Fairy Wrasse x1 Monsoon Fairy Wrasse x1 Black Cap Basslet x1...
  5. G

    I need help with my stocking list please

    Are the fish all compatible? Is the tank the right size or should I go bigger/smaller? Is the order that I put them in okay? What other inverts should I add? Is each fish reef safe?
  6. nsauer3

    What is the max number of Gobies?

    What is max number of gobies for a 180 gallon tank? Is there even a max number or can I have as many as possible that would fit in the tank?