2016 apex

  1. ReefingwithO

    New York Aquarium Controller Neptune Systems Trident $460 shipped| 2016 Apex missing Ph probe, $620 shipped

    Going with the Coralvue Hydros and Alkatronic so I don't need my Apex gear anymore. Neptune Systems Trident - $460 shipped Purchase August 2020 Comes with 1 new bottle of A and another A at about 60%, bottles of B and C about 60 to 70% Comes with a brand new calibration fluid. Comes in the...
  2. andyg1960

    North Carolina SOLD SOLD Apex — complete, unused and never out of boxes

    Brand new, never opened Neptune Apex, newest model, NOT the EL, this is the full, complete Apex never out of the box. DOS is also never out of the box. Long story why I purchased but decided to go a different direction. Take them both for $900 shipped Continental USA. They would be $1100 if...
  3. Sage Robinson

    Apex classic or 2016 edition?

    Hi all, Looking at purchasing a controller for my new reefer 350, mainly looking at it for control and looking after my tank while I'm away. Long term will add the DOS and automatic feeder. Question is should I go for the classic edition or the 2016 edition (heard some negative reviews). Getting...
  4. Murr7

    2016 Apex review

    So I have taken the plunge into aquarium controllers and here is my review for the 2016 WiFi Apex. I am not the most tech savvy guy and it seemed like quite a daunting task to set up programs and made me second guess my purchase. This unit has been set up and running for about 2 weeks now. I am...