55 gallon

  1. adamlodge14

    55 gallon stocking

    Hi, I am curious about 55 gallon stocking. I don’t have a 55 gallon, I’m just really interested in what could live with a pair of maroon clowns in a 55 gallon. I know they can be very aggressive so what other stocking would you recommend to go with them in a 55 gallon?
  2. jackalexander

    Female Leopard Wrasse

    I was thinking about getting an ornate leopard wrasse for my 55g tank and live aquaria lists them as an EXPERT ONLY fish. Is this true or is there any easy way to get them on frozen meaty foods?
  3. fox0521

    Too much rock??

    Hey folks! I’ve got a 55 gallon set up as a peninsula. The tank is about 4 months old, and my question today is: can you have too much rock? I am worried that my tank won’t allow enough swimming room for additional fish, as I’ve already seen some minor aggression (territorial, clowns chase goby...
  4. Swanky

    Build Thread Day Late, & Always a Dollar Short!

    I've been meaning to work on this build thread, and seeing as how this is my very first foray into our wonderful salty world - I find myself with a week of vacation, and figured better late than never. Also, the timing couldn't be better as right about the Fourth of July here in the states, will...
  5. H

    Is this stocking good for a 55g predator tank?

    1 Snowflake Eel 1 Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish 1 Fu Manchu Lionfish 1 Marine Betta 1 Longnose Hawkfish
  6. Jen1978

    Build Thread My First Build

    Hello. Thanks for stopping in to check out my build. Forgive me, not everything is here yet but I have been planning for months now and I’m anxious. I was going to do a 20 gallon nano since I found my mom’s old freshwater tank from when I was a child, but my son moved and had two 55 gallon tanks...
  7. ckgriffin2000

    Trying to sell a whole set up.....

    55 gallon, corner flow cube tank, stand, plumbing, skimmer, return pump, sump, gyre wave maker, heater, Kessil 360 we, how do I sell this all together?? Or do I separate stuff? I need advice plz. Thank u.
  8. Blutspitze

    Build Thread Growing Pains from a First Reef Build - 55g

    Hi all, and welcome to my build thread! Stock/Pics Updated 1/29 First, a bit about me: I've always been fascinated with marine biology and fish tanks in general. They're not only incredibly fun and relaxing to look at, but I love the idea of applied science and having a real slice of an...
  9. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts BNIB 55 Gal Aquarium W/ Freshwater Filter & Accessories

    So I work at a discount store and this 55 gallon aquarium came on a truck last night. I immediately called dibs on it but realized its tempered glass and can't be drilled which is not what I wanted. If someone is interested, entire setup is $180 at Walmart so I'd like to get at least $100 or...
  10. cwb_reeftank

    4 or 6 bulbs?

    Would it be to much or a waste to get a 6 bulb fixture for a 55 gal. or should I stick with a 4 bulb fixture (going for more sps). also I use ATI bulbs
  11. K

    55 Gallon Predator tank

    Alright, so I am looking to start over with my tank since I only have a powder blue tang that I will be selling soon so I thought I would do a small predator tank. I have been doing some research and I have chosen to do a zoanthid garden coral-wise so there will be palytoxins so I need some...