75g build

  1. spyder813

    Spyder813 75G IN-WALL PROJECT

    Well, he we go with my 75g upgrade. This build will take some time to finish because involve removing a shower and a wall to be able to work on the stand. I have a closet behind the 40g and removing the shower and the wall will give me an small fish tank room. The most complicated part for me...
  2. Will Milberger

    Beginning my new build (Aggie Aquarist's 75G build)

    I have been waiting for my house to be finished, and my wife and I have been shacking up with the parents. I've been making fun of millennials still living with their parents and here we've been doing it for two months now. So, hopefully in the next two weeks, we'll be out. We have the house...
  3. Will Milberger

    Moving, thinking about starting over.

    I have an older tank. Have five fish a 4 small corals. I am moving in about a month. This is an old tank and the rock smells like old algae. I was thinking about kinda starting over, but the live rock is very red and green coraline algae encrusted and there some stuff growing on it, both good...
  4. Idoc

    IDOC's First Reef Tank Build - 75g

    I've always wanted to have a saltwater aquarium. But, as an active duty military member, I would move every few years and didn't want to attempt to move something this fragile as a reef system. So, I would setup smaller 20g freshwater aquariums...and typically give them away to people whenever...
  5. gadwall72

    My First Foray into Saltwater 75g

    My 75g setup with live sand and dry rock. Cycling now.
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