1. Coral

    For sale Coral

    Will do my best to update as stuff is snagged but don’t hesitate to pm. Shipping is $35 within CA or $60 out of state.
  2. Pieces of the Ocean

    The Official POTO WYSIWYG Daily Highlights - A Daily Dose of Curated Coral Eye Candies that You Can Buy!

    Everyday we will post highlights from our WYSIWYG collection for your viewing pleasure. Check out the ones that we picked out today! :eek: Walt Disney Acro Click Image to Buy Rare Double-Headed Acanthophyllia Meat Coral Click Image to Buy Click here to see more!
  3. New Kessil H160

    For sale New Kessil H160

    Brand new kessil h160 with goose neck arm for sale. I received it from kessil to replace my previous light.I have decided to go a different direction . Light is brand new but gooseneck is used and in great condition. I am asking $230 OBO
  4. FS: Monster Acro Chunks - Local Pickup Only!

    For sale FS: Monster Acro Chunks - Local Pickup Only!

    Selling hunks of a few of my favorite acros. Aquacultured by me from my mother colonies. No photoshop. PM or text me if interested. Check my build thread for colony pics. WYSIWYG. **Note: Will be curbside pickup. No shipping, local pick-up in San Ramon, CA only! 1. OG Oregon Tort $180 2. OG...
    $50.00 to $200.00
  5. MrShibainu

    Most effective coral dips

    After my bobbit worm fiasco I'm looking for the best coral dips that are safe for softies (mainly mushrooms) and have really good effectiveness against Hitchhiker's. not really comfortable using Bayer because that seems a bit to extreme. So any recommendations, tips and insights are appreciated
  6. A

    Do I need two power heads in a nano?

    I have a Red Sea max nano that’s a very mixed reef. Right now I have the stock pump and one Nero 3 powehead on 20-60% facing different directions. Should I get a second Nero 3? I don’t like the look of so much of the glass being blocked and the cost is a factor. Also worried about too much flow...
  7. Jeevan

    Acropora ID

    Hello Reefers, I bought this coral 2 days ago at lfs. It is, good deal for 9$. But I'm not sure what kind of acro is this, also lfs owner not sure. Can someone help me out? Thanks =)
  8. Djalexchang

    Florida Livestock Trade CK Exodus Chalice Colony For Trade

    Hello, looking to trade this CK Exodus Chalice colony for some nice Sps or Euphyllia. Let me know what you’ve got!
  9. F

    Acro ID + Polyps not coming out fully

    Hey All, I'm new to SPS and picked up this frag along with a Red Monti Cap and some nice Pocci frags on the weekend from my LFS. I didn't get the name of the acro (If it has one) and I've just got some questions that I hope to have answered. First up is what's this guy called? The pictures don't...
  10. J

    Am I ready for SPS?

    I put this Acro 2 weeks ago and so far it has already colored up and fully extended. Looks way better then the time I bought it at my LFS. Tank is 10 months old. Also what kind of Acro is this? Picture was taken during the night.
  11. cocoReefer

    Acro ID - brown frag from closing store

    Wondering if anyones has this or has seen it in the hobby/ might know the specie? I got a couple clippings of the last acro from a display tank at the last salt shop in town. They were phasing out their salt water.Had no one with coral experience around, and no idea the source or species. Now...
  12. Rickyrooz

    Pennsylvania SPS & Mangroves Available (Outside of Philly)

    Frags will be 3/4” to 1”, I do not ship. Acropora AquaSD Cherry Blossom $120 AquaSD Strawberry Lemonade “Flamingo” $120 AquaSD Pearl Jam $80 AquaSD Birthday Cake $80 AquaSD Flamingo Table $80 AquaSD Lightning Tenuis $100 AquaSD Red Rocket Tenuis $150 AquaSD Cotton Candy Tenuis $150 AquaSD Dip N...
  13. tattedupabe

    Help with my Acro ID???

    Picked up a new acro at the lfs they didn’t know the name of it, anyone can help me ID it?
  14. JOKER

    WYSIWYG SPS Frag Pack

    These will be the frags you receive. TSA Princess Peach, Walt Disney large, Pikachu, RMF Acid Trip, and Bubble Gum Digi. $450 shipped unless shipping is unexpectedly high, and may have to charge more. I have a friend that will ship for me so i have to check with him to be sure after purchase...
  15. Living Reef Orlando

    NEW Website update! Tons of HOT euphyllia AND ACROS! PRISM HAMMERS, HG TORCHES and MORE!!

    We updated the site with some HOT and NEW TORCHES AND HAMMERS!! We have been growing these euphyllia for quite some time and they are ready for everyone!!! These are just a taste of what we have on the site - we have tons of NEW ACROS and LPS! Last but not least, here are some of our HOT...
  16. Jersey Corals

    ** Weekend Special! 35% OFF SITE WIDE! 50% OFF $499+!**

    Jersey Corals Weekend Special! 25% OFF SITE WIDE! 40% OFF $499+! Check it out at!

    Attack of the fuzzy sticks

    TGC Kachow ReefTide's Tequila Sunrise ReefTide's Grizzly Mili
  18. Dragonboas

    North Carolina South Carolina Torches, Reverse bleeding apple scoly, frogspawn, and more

    Neon Green torch pink and blue tips $80 single head *Sold* $120 pinched double head two mouths *Sold* Reverse Bleeding Apple Scoly crazy bright *Sold* Frogspawn neon bright nubs *Sold* Green Stylophora Colony $75 1st Acro Colony Sold 2nd Acro Colony $150 JF Raja Rampage frags $55 (roughly 1"...
  19. HCA Coral

    Memorial Day Sale | 20% Off All Corals | Plus Get Additional 10% Use code MEMDAY10 | Affirm Financing & Paypal Pay4 Available

  20. Man908




    THIS SALE IS LIVE RIGHT NOW [CLICK HERE] TO VIEW WELCOME TO REEFTIDE'S MEMORIAL DAY MEGA SALE THREAD! (We have tons of awesome news and information to share so let's get this thread started!) What is the Memorial Day Mega Sale? The Memorial Day Mega Sale is going to be a TWO DAY long mega...
  22. theocorals537

    Massachusetts High end Zoas

    1 - CB white zombie -95 2 - CB white zombie -95 3- 2p ASD soprano 160 4 -9p Acid reflux - 240 standard doa rules apply, shipping cost depends on location. Pm me for any questions!
  23. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Rasta zoa colony

    30+ polyps tyree Rasta zoa , 240 shipped. standard doa rules apply
  24. Travis Warren

    California Jason Fox - Fox Flame Large Colony - $600 - Without Shipping - Local Pick up Preferred

    I have a very Large Fox Flame that is approx 7" around and several branches. I am looking to sell the entire colony instead of fragging. I grew this out over the past 2 years from a 1 inch frag. I am willing to ship but would be at buyers cost. Local pick up preferred at 1858 Cable Street, San...
  25. Art Calde

    Florida WWC Allstar and Bill Murray Acro frags

    WWC Allstar $350 and Bill Murray frags $100 Colony Pictured Jupiter Florida pickup only
noopsyche New Year 36% off