1. Sakudo4

    California Few SPS f/s

    Few sps available in Anaheim 1. Rr aussie gold acro 20$ 2. Tubb Stelllata 20$ 3. Green stylo. 20$ 4. Red robin. 15$ 5. Purple stylo. 20$ 6. Rainbow monti. 15$ 7. Pink Cadillac. 15$
  2. Mrtakeoff53

    Walt Disney Acro is finally growing again.

    My WD acro finally started growing again. It was basing out and then stopped when my maintenance habits were poor. I’ve been focusing on stable alk and lowering PO4 and it’s helping! It’s just a nub still but a bigger nub now! First pic of from 15 Jan 2021. Second is from today, 07 April 2021...
  3. W

    What’s the newest / hottest “high end” Acro?

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to start this thread to have a discussion about your opinion on what’s the hottest acro right now from a price standpoint and also looks stand point. I feel like the rrc rainbow splice is definitely up there on the list but has been around for quite a few months or...
  4. Chipper1978

    Stag Polyp Extension and Color

    I have one acro in my 10 month old mixed reef. It’s an orange tipped staghorn I got almost 3 months ago. One side is an unbelievably nice green with great polyp extension. However, the other side is an almost brown color with very limited polyp extension. It’s been like this for almost the...
  5. D

    California SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt for sale

    SC Orange Passion and JF Jolt 550 shipped for both or best offer SC Orange Passion JF Jolt Top Down Picture Side By Side Picture
  6. Motorcitycorals

    MotorCityCoral's First Ever Monday Night Madness 2.15 Livesale & Overnight Aftersale

    Save the Date Reefers ( And especially SPS Lovers) February 15th from 2pm - 12pm Motor City Corals Host Its First-Ever Livesale On Reef2Reef It's an After Valentine's Day Special You Do Not Want To Miss! We'll be posting 500+ WYSIWYG corals marked 25% off our regular store pricing! Many $5...
  7. D

    California Large JF Jolt, SC Orange Passion, Vivid's Confetti frags for sale!!

    3 Awesome frags for sale! Local Pickup in Los Angeles and 50 dollar discount Shipping 45$ 1) SC Orange Passion multi branched -250$ 2) Large JF Jolt -400$ 3) Large branching Vivids Confetti - 225$ Willing to create a pack for 750 Shipped Free random frag giveaway every purchase! Standard R2R...
  8. D

    California High End Large Acro Frags for sale, SC Orange Passion and more!

    High End Acro's for Sale 850 obo including shipping Vivid's Confetti SC Orange Passion JF Jolt If interested I have many more high end frags PM for more pictures from different angles
  9. sagee

    Idk maybe you do ACRO ID

    Anyone seen anything like this before l? Got it off a friend as a brown unhappy acro about a year ago and now its really starting to shine.
  10. Ben Pedersen

    Michigan FS: Lots of Coral For Sale :)

    I have a lot of affordable large corals to sell. Instant reef! Local pick-up only. Green Nepthea Soft Coral - Bright neon green even without blue light. 2 x 4" - 5" Multi Branch $20 Green Sinularia Soft Coral - Powder green with feathery polyps. 2 x 3"+ Multi Branch $15 Turquoise Stag...
  11. Joshua Sassaman

    New Jersey Acros, polyps, uncommon shrooms, godspawn shroom frags

    Nirvana Frag 40$ JF Mohican sun Frags 45$ each Green Hairy shroom 30$ Superman Shroom 45$ Green dot Stripe shroom 45$ Blueberry Feild shroom 45$ 1. JF Blue summit Monti 25$ 2. Miyagi Tort 45$ 2. Pink Pocillopora 20$ 4. Miyagi Tort 35$ 5. Green Acro 35$ 6. Green Acro 15$ 7. Pink Pocillopora 2$...
  12. Coopdod50

    40 gallon frag setup

    Hello everyone, I'm starting this thread to help myself out a bit. I've got a Cobalt Aquatics CVue 40 that I'm not using at the moment and I decided to set it up as a frag tank. I won't actually be setting it up until I move from my dorm room to an actual house so I won't have to move it. I'm...
  13. SawCJack00

    Arizona New Years Frag SPS Frag Pack Special!

    For the connoisseur of fine SPS frags, here's a WYSIWYG pack with some very nice pieces for $500 local pickup or $550 shipped anywhere in the continental US on or after 1/4/2021. All pics taken under Radion G4 pros on AB+ with ATI B+ T5 bulbs. No filter, just WB corrected. Standard DOA...
  14. Acrochunks

    Unknown “burrowing” pest?

    Greetings - wondering if anyone has seen anything like these on their sps? Would love an I’d and eradication if possible? did some macro work and stumbled on them by accident. Coral rx Dipping does not seem to clear whatever it is. At eye view they look like small black “pitting”.
  15. Joe Knows Reefs

    Over 50 New WYSIWYG Acros Just Posted at

    TGIFF!! Thank Goodness It's Frag Friday!!!! We just posted over 50 HOT new WYSIWYG acros to the site. Head on over and check them out! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS!
  16. pokegirl1332

    What makes acropora need an established or older tank?

    I’ve kept many corals over the years attempted an acro in a 100 gallon 1 year old tank a few years back and failed miserably just curious why they require an “established tank” as I haven’t really been able to find a good explanation other than stable parameters but if anyone that has long term...
  17. TCK Corals

    TCK 2020 ANNIVERSARY LIVESALE Nov 14th and 15th!

    Starting on Saturday 11/14/2020 @ 2PM EST we will begin posting sets of frags all at once every half hour-hour! We will resume on Sunday at 2pm EST until we run out of corals to post. Coral photos will be posted here in this thread also with links to the website to make your...
  18. TCK Corals

    Halloween Sale Announcement Buy 5 Get The Lowest Cost Frag FREE! PLUS Save 10% Use code BOO

  19. Bassmaster116

    CARx on apex

    So i have set up my carx about 2 weeks ago, using a reef octo in conjunction with the carbon doser and my apex. Just curious anyone else who is using their apex as the ph controlle, what does your ph graph look like? mine was up and down alot but now had seemed to steady out. Set my effluent to...
  20. Legonch


    See anything you like? If so, shoot us a pm!!! Lets make a deal!! Thanks for looking! Emerald Reef Supply
  21. yepreef

    Texas Lighting Radion XR15 Pro Gen 3

    I’m looking to sell these 2 Radion XR15 Pro with arm. I bought these like 2015-2016 ( not quite remember) ran on my nano tank for about a year with about 40-60 intensity , i broke down my nano on 2017 and these were in storage since. Both running great with no issues whatsoever. I am asking...
  22. Legonch

    Livestock New Fire corals added to the web page! Hot update!

    I just added some new frags to the web page Emerald Reef Supply. These are super nice frags! These are out of our systems, and are healthy and ready to go. Most were fragged 10 days ago. Thanks for looking!
  23. Legonch

    Livestock Hot Indo Acro frags!

  24. Legonch

    Colorado Indo Acro frags FS, Hot! 5 for $250 shipped!

    Hi there, I've got a bunch of indo acro frags for sale. Most do not have a name, but are really really cool. Also have a few no name torches and named ones that are hot! Please pm me with any questions. 5 frags for $250 shipped in the lower 48. Pest and disease free amazing frags! A lot...
  25. Legonch

    Livestock Emerald Reef Supply intro to R2R sale! 15% off everything!

    Hey everyone, we just joined r2r, and are excited to post some nice corals for sale. We are a small shop based in Colorado. We've been professionally reefing for over 6 years. We pride ourselves on clean, healthy corals, and top notch customer service. We'd love for you to give us a try. All...
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