1. TCK Corals

    Weekend WYSIWYG Sale! Save 30% On Remaining WYSIWYG

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  2. Art Calde

    Florida Livestock Trade Bali Hurlock Acro

    Trading Bali Hurlock Acro colonies for other Sps frags. Make me an offer. My colony was getting too big and I had to trim it. Jupiter Florida pickup
  3. Travis Warren

    TSA Chimera Acro - Anyone get to see it or got a frag of it?

    Hi I seen this release on Reef2reef in 2018, I asked TSA if they had any frags and they stated the don't have the mother colony anymore and was hoping to get one in the future. Just wondering if anyone has seen it it has a piece that looks like it but someone renamed. I love this piece and would...
  4. BighohoReef

    SPS colony ID... Worth the money?

    Our LFS got a bunch of indo colonies last week. I purchased it for $200 but I'm having it rest in the store until it's rested. Wondering if anyone knows what type of acro this is.
  5. N

    Virginia Higher End Acro Pack

    Pack Contains: RC Poison Envy (chunky) WWC Nuclear Grapes BigR Walt Disney Tyree Pinky the Bear BC Magic Wand (chunky) Pink Hyacinth BC Lemon Hammer Pack is $550 shipped Can add on the following or substitute if interested: PC Rainbow Fox Flame Red Robin BC Captain Planet ...Lots more...
  6. N

    Virginia Acro Collection Starter

    Pack comes with these: Tyree Pink Lemonade JF Fox Flame Strawberry Shortcake PC Rainbow Walt Disney Red Robin Tri Color Valida Highlighter Acro Red Planet Tyree Pinky the Bear WWC Nuclear Grapes Price is $475 shipped Three packs available PM me!
  7. C

    Red fuzz on coral

    Hi everyone, I've had a weird fuzzy like object on the tip of my acropora coral for a long time now. Doesnt seem to grow or move. It's almost fuzzy looking, and a deep red color. Any idea what this could be? Sorry for the picture
  8. NoFoolin

    Orphek Atlantik v4

    I have (3) Orphek Atlantik v4 lights lined up in a row on a 180 gal (6'x2'x2') tank about 16" above the water. It is a mixed reef tank and I have been using the default "coral color growth" program thinking that I couldn't go wrong with manufacturer recommendations. However, after a 3 to 4...
  9. TCK Corals

    30% Off Flash Sale Sitewide All WYSIWYG

  10. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT New Release!!! TSA Sour Tsunami

    We've all been waiting for an awesome rainbow acro thats not a tenuis right??? Well, here you have it! TSA's Sour Tsunami is absolutely stunning! Truly a coral that looks as good under daylights as it does under actinics, this is NOT one you want to sleep on! This one will be a flood of color...
  11. ReefAddiction34

    Florida ASD RAINBOW MILLIE colony for sale

    Selling a mini colony of ASD rainbow Millie. Very healthy coral that I have been growing for years in my tank. Great polyp extension and nice color. If you blast it with light you can probably get even nicer corals. Asking $200 local pick up near Gainesville. Willing to meet part way. I also...
  12. ReefAddiction34

    Florida ASD rainbow Millie small colony

    Selling a mini colony of ASD rainbow Millie. Very healthy coral that I have been growing for years in my tank. Great polyp extension and nice color. If you blast it with light you can probably get even nicer corals. Asking $200 local pick up near Gainesville. Willing to meet part way. I also...
  13. Peter K

    Battlecorals first purchase. Shouldn't have expected anything but perfection.

    I am typically not one to leave reviews unless I feel very passionate one way or another, but I had to leave one for Adam with @Battlecorals after having one of the most pleasant, stress-free, and downright perfect coral purchases I have ever made. The frags were extremely chunky bordering on...
  14. ReefAddiction34

    Help on light opinion for sps in nano tank

    Hey Fellow reefers, I’m looking for some input, opinions, advice for ways to improve my acro coloration. My SPS tank is a 14 gallon bio cube that’s been up and running for several years. Parameters have been very stable and all corals are currently healthy. I have very good coloration but...
  15. Eg0790

    Please help ID these sps

    So ive had these 2 frags for a while they were given as a gift but i have no clue what they are, i am hoping someone can help me out. Thanks
  16. C

    Indo bonsai coral - first SPS

    Hey everyone! So I just added in a Indo bonsai today. (First sps!) I think he is doing well but as I have not much background info on how these should look at the frag stage, want to get your options. Also input on if the location is adequate would be appreciated Thank you!
  17. Jax15

    Need acro help, browning out!

    Hey folks This will not be a new topic, but I need ideas. I have a Waterbox 130, running 8-9 months now. I have big Acropora dreams for this tank, and it was going well there for a while. Growth, color.. but then everything seemed to stop on me. Acros went brownish, polyps are unhappy. Nothing...
  18. blazedmasta

    Florida TGC Grave Digger Acro

    I have one more frag left of this mush have acro. Collector or not this high end piece is a great center piece for any tank, get your today while suppiles last. o_O :) I have much more that needs posted. PM for a full list. *Standard 2 hours DOA (Dead on Arrival) applies. I will need to be...
  19. TrevorHorn19

    Has anyone ordered from Harry’s Frags?

    I’ve heard so many good reviews about the price and size of the frags he sells. Just wondering what you all think about buying from him and if anyone has some pictures of frags you have bought from him.
  20. NewYorkReefer1988

    Frags for sale or trade

    I live in the Albany area and want to start getting acquainted with reefers in the area to trade and sell Corals, fish, equipment, whatever with. I currently have: - 7 red monti cap frags - $10 each - 2 pc rainbow Acro frags - $25 each - 1 blueberry fields Acro frag $25 - 2 forest fire...
  21. LongBeachReefer562

    Acro Burn or Bite?

    Hello, I'm new to SPS and ran into an issue with the 2 acros I've had for 3 months now. Everything was fine up until last week, one became completely stripped a couple days ago and now this one is quickly following. I had a doser go haywire (contained Tropic Marin all for reef) about 6 weeks...
  22. ygon

    Florida TGC Orange Creamsicle, Cherry Bomb, Innercore

    Asking $425 shipped for all three. Creamsicle and innercore are encrusted, the cherry bomb is almost 2" frag.
  23. Ohreefcle

    Spectrum for AI Hydra 52 for mixed reef

    I’m newer to the hobby (about a year), and first time posting anywhere. previously purchased some cheap Chinese lights thinking they would suffice. Obviously didn’t and broke. Decided to upgrade to the AI Hydra 52 HD’s. I have a 150 gal display mixed reef. I am wanting to start adding in more...
  24. abbas.jaffer5

    Florida Walt Disney- Lakeland FL

    Sorry, local pick up only. No shipping.
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