acrylic tank

  1. isaacalves

    California 32.7 gallon Acrylic reef tank w/ Hayward Valve - $60

    Used for a bit to grow chaeto. Been sitting in garage. Has scratches but no leaks. Pick up for $60 Local pick up only. I'm in Rancho Santa Margarita.
  2. Coach63

    Acrylic Tank Builder near Knoxville?

    Hello, Looking for someone to build a small acrylic tank to make a refuge. Outside dimensions of 14"x 16"x 24" (WxDxH). PM me if you can build this and let me know what you would charge. I would like it to be at least 3/8" acrylic. Thanks, Mike
  3. Steven Hunter

    Craigslist Acrylic Aquarium find - Questions

    Hello R2R. First post here, however I have been following the forum and researching certain topics in anticipation for my reef build for a while now... which leads me onto my newly acquired tank. I found a quarter cylinder 60 gallon 1/2" acrylic aquarium for a sweet deal on Craigslist. It was...
  4. Isoprene

    75 gallon (30" x 24" x 24") Kinda Cube / ADI Sump / Steel Stand For Sale

    1/4'' Acrylic with a black acrylic bottom, back, and shadow overflow box, plumbed and overflow-box has snail security measure so no overflows happen (black plastic mesh that inserts and can be removed to clean). This tank is very streamlined, I ran a eheim utility pump on a ball valve and I...
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