algae reactor

  1. ze_reef

    Colorado Refugiums Drygoods Red Sea Slide-out Panel 25 • Aquamaxx HOB Refugium • Tunze 3181 Macro Algae Reactor

    I have some stuff for sale that I no longer use as I have upgraded into a bigger tank. Pickup in Longmont, CO or I can ship these items, buyer pays shipping Aquamaxx HOB Refugium with Chaetomax 9w LED light, paid 200$+ tax for this setup, only selling for half the price, no issues, no box 100$...
  2. T

    What kind of equipment/filtration poses the highest risk for "over filtering" a tank?

    For fun I've been messing around with adding an overflow box to a water box 25 gallon peninsula in order to have a sump in the stand. In doing so I found been using a nano refugium I can fit and automatic fleece roller a full size protein skimmer, an algae reactor, as well as media reactors...
  3. T

    Filters Sumps Refugiums Drygoods Reef octopus lr150 300 obo, only 3 months use

    Great condition with pump. Will post picks when I get home. Need quick black Friday money
  4. SCH14

    Algae Scrubber or Macro Algae Reactor?

    Which one is more beneficial for a 310g tank with 6-8 large tangs and other reef safe fish+coral Noticed when I added an 8" Unicorn tang my nitrates went from 5 to 25 within 3 days. Currently only using a small amount of biopellets and tank has been running for 4.5 months. If macro algae is...
  5. T

    Filters Refugiums Drygoods Pax Bellum Arid n24 $400 OBO

    Pax Bellum and 24. Its seen less than a year of use on a tank with a light bioload. Only issues with it are as aesthetic. There are some notable scratches on the top of the heat sink and some small scuffs here and there on the body. Otherwise perfectly functioning and well cleaned. I have the...
  6. T

    Too large of an algae reactor?

    Is it possible to "over filter" using an algae reactor that is highly overrated for your tank, assuming it is the primary source of nutrient export and not competing with a skimmer? I would think some sort of nutrient imbalance would be possible though I'm not an expert. Perhaps more regular...
  7. T

    USA WTB Geo AR 418

    Looking to get a smaller algae reactor. I also have a pax bellum n24, Geo AR618, Reef octopus LR 150 (New), or Pacific Sun pro M all in great condition I'd be willing to put on the table for trade
  8. T

    USA Dry Good Trade Looking to to pax bellum n24, Geo AR618, Reef octopus LR 150, or Pacific Sun pro M for GEO AR418

    Looking to get a smaller algae reactor. I have a pax bellum n24, Geo 618, Reef octopus LR 150, or Pacific Sun pro M all in great condition I'd be willing to put on the table.
  9. T

    USA WTB Arid pax Pellum c30 or c36

    Looking to buy a c30 or 36. I have several smaller algae reactors if anyone is looking to downsize that I could throw in to cut off the price a little. I'm open to trading any of my other equipment in the deal as well.
  10. geo

    Independence Day Sale July 1st -8th
  11. T

    USA WTB Looking to buy smaller algae reactor: Pax bellum n18, atomic greenie, skimz MBR127, reef octopus lr-150 etc

    Putting together a new system and decided on an algae reactor for nutrient export. Problem is my n24 is likely Overkill for what I'm working with.
  12. T

    USA WTB Pacific sun algae reactor and Pacific sun media reactors

    Looking to buy any of their media reactors but very interesting in that algae reactors, unfortunately can't justify 188 euro shipping.
  13. exprobratio

    Michigan Refugiums Drygoods Decreased Price! Pax Bellum ARID N18 - $275 shipping included

    $275 shipping included. Selling a Pax Bellum ARID N18 reactor. Used for a 6months but decided I needed to get the next size up, so selling this one. Works perfect. I added some nice 1/2inch valved quick disconnects for easy maintenance that comes with it. Shipping included to anywhere in the US...
  14. Shadows Reef

    Nevada Filters Refugiums SOLD Pax Bellum - N18 - Algae Reactor

    Selling my Pax Bellum A.R.I.D. N18 Macroalgae Reactor, I only used it for a few months before I had to move, haven’t used it since, new tank is 200 gallons so I need it’s bigger brother. Shipping to 48 Only, sorry HI and AK
  15. V

    Filters Refugiums Drygoods SOLD Skimz MBR 157 Algae reactor ( new never wet)

    I have a skimz MBR 157 algae reactor new never used or never been wet. It comes with a dc pump, quartz enclosed led fixture. It's for large tanks. It doesn't fit in my sump. I was keeping it for my next big tank but I am going the probiotic route. So wanted to sell it. Local pickup: 160...
  16. R

    Missouri Skimmers Drygoods Getting out of Hobby, equiptment for sale

    I have to go, new job and new city. For sale as the system comes down. Some items might delay as I still have livestock. Tunze 3181 algae reactor. 2 years old, in perfect working condition $125 Tunze 9415 Skimmer 3 years old (kind of) $400. This is a beast and the most reliable and...
  17. R

    Reef Octopus Algae Reactor

    Good morning everyone, So my big tank cracked when I was moving it and I got ride of it. I have a Nuvo 20 and still have the reef octopus LR-150 algae reactor. Now here's my question. It says it's rated for a minimum of 50 gallons, why is that? Couldn't I just use less chaeto and reduce the...
  18. ChromisSayWhat

    Louisiana Looking to buy Algae Reactor for 200gallons

    Looking to buy an algae reactor that can handle a 200 gallon aquarium. Let me know if you have one you’re looking to rehome.
  19. Aquaristexhibit

    Is this too much filtration?

    Hello, Is running : - a macro algae reactor - a becket skimmer - a UV sterilzer - roller mat too much filtration ? tank is a 75g and will have about 8 fish. With rock and sand and some bio media in the sump.
  20. chris_pull

    Nano Build Canister driven nano tank: how I optimised my system to get the most out of my canister filter

    I want to preface this with a disclaimer that I am a novice reefer, with under a year's worth of experience and learning all the time. That said, I've wanted to post a build thread for a while as I have the impression more and more people are using canister filters on small reef tanks, yet I...
  21. crobs808

    DIY Algae Reactor

    I made my own algae reactor and posted the materials needed and build steps here. It is under $100 total (or about $115 with starter chaeto). LINK: Benefits: Reduction of harmful Nitrates and Phosphates Consumption of excess CO2 Acts as a copepod...
  22. T

    Pennsylvania Tunze 3181 Macro Algae Reactor, used for one month/excellent condition

    This is an excellent condition/lightly used (1 month) Tunze 3181. Good for harvesting macro algae (best is Chaeto) for nutrient export. I used it for 1 month. Decided I prefer having a refugium so I could have other critters in there too, but this works fine if you need to save space/don't...
  23. Kevan Sharp

    New Algae Reactor

    HI all, I am about to install an algae reactor (Pax Bellum). The first step is to decide what type of algae I should use in the reactor. The second question is where I should include copepods in the reactor. Please advise.
  24. H

    Virginia PaxBellum arid 18 algae reactor

    PaxBellum Arid18. Works great! As pictured. $200 shipped best way ground.
  25. ReefNerd

    Grow Algae to Fight Algae - Santa Monica RAIN2 Review

    In this video I discuss growing algae with a focus on the RAIN2 Algae Turf Scrubber. In my opinion, there is no better way to keep nutrients in check, and combat algae in your display than a properly size refugium, algae reactor or algae turf scrubber.