1. psumms

    Hanna Alkalinity Reagent Consistency

    Just finished a bottle of alkalinity reagent on my Hanna tester - alk reads 11.8. Open the new bottle and re-test to check consistency. 10.7 ... Run a third test (from new bottle), confirms 10.7! The previous bottle is still well in date, has been open for approx. 4 months. Confident my testing...
  2. Jeff@CoralVue

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off Dosetronic - Save $140!

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off Dosetronic - Save $140! Use as a standalone doser or combine with the Alkatronic!
  3. Naw042

    Long term alkalinity swings

    Hi all, I was wondering how much alkalinity swing over time is considered "stable". I know Alk may drift with the daily light cycle, but I'm specifically curious about variability over days or weeks. I started using a dosing pump and 2-part about 4 months ago and have been working on getting...
  4. R

    Introduction to dosing

    Hi everyone hope you’re doing well. So today I tested my water for the first time and here are my numbers Calcium: 350 Alkalinity: 7 Ph: 7.8 I have brightwell aquatics calcium, alkalinity and ph ready to be used. I’ve been doing some research on dosing but it’s hard to wrap your head around...
  5. DanSavesTheDay

    pH swing? Dosing sodium bicarbonate "baking soda"

    I've just noticed some RTN on a tort frag. I haven't had any alk swings since this frag was added and it was in a low light area of the tank Could it possibly be a pH swing? My tank size is 88gallons and I usually dose my alk "baking soda" 0.6 tsp mixed in warm rodi dosed into sump at night. My...
  6. Jake_the_reefer

    Use 10 ml of water to raise api test accuracy?

    So I was dumb and let myself use up all the alkalinity reagent from my hanna checker before ordering more. I am currently fine tuning my daily dose so I can set up a dosing pump. All I have is an api alk test which is accurate to intervals of 1. 1 drop = 1 alk 2 = 2 alk so on and so forth...
  7. DanSavesTheDay

    Higher alk waterchange?

    I am looking to change out about 10 gallons in my 90 gallon reef *88 gallons=tank+fuge* housing some expensive sps frags. If my current DKH is 8.2 and the DKH of Reef Crystals is 13 would that be too much of a change? I did the math and doing a waterchange would add about .5 DKH for 10 gallons...
  8. psumms

    Dosing Plan - When & with what...

    Hi all, I'm now using a D-D P4 Pro dosing pump and which give great control over chemical anti-interference, split dosing over a schedule etc. and its got me researching for answers to a couple of questions... For each of my Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, NoPoX ... Recommended times of day to...
  9. O

    Correlation between Alkalinity and pH?

    Hi everyone, I have a 300 gallon mixed reef system, and I am trying to make my tank a tad more stable/automated since I am traveling out of state for weeks at a time due to school. I am switching from a bubble magus dosing system (using biotech two part solution) to a korallin calcium reactor...
  10. smartwater101

    California Focustronic Alkatronic

    SOLD Batch 3. I love this thing but I just can't justify owning this AND a Reefbot. Its packed up and ready to go! A BNC cable is included for hooking up to a Profilux or Apex. 620$ shipped
  11. REEFer86

    Salt Brand Suggestion - Discussion

    Hi all! I like to support my LFS in anyway I can. One way is I purchase the salt they use. I’ve tested it’s Alkalinity and it’s bad. Not sure if it’s the batch because the salt seemed to have got moisture in it because it was hard but it did soften quickly when dropped on the floor like you...
  12. RichyRich50


    Hanna Checkers $30 CALIBRATION CHECK $5 call or text me 678-467-7495
  13. REEFer86


    Has anyone tried the Red Sea Reef Energy Coral nutrition A/B ? What effects does it have on calcium and magnesium? How can the calcium and mag dip and rise without doing anything? Started dosing Alkalinity by Red Sea. Need to get CO2 to get my calcium reactor running. Who’s used a calcium...
  14. MnFish1

    Concerning the Trident:

    A quick poll about how to be sure your trident is giving correct measurements: You can pick one or more than one. This poll is about the trident - and is not designed to be a negative. Its designed to see how many people actually do what Neptune says they should do when using their equipment...
  15. smartwater101

    Weather/Temperature and its effects on pH and Alkalinity consumption?

    pH: normally ~8.49 - 8.55, now its ~8.35 - 8.45 (apex, re-calibration confirmed accurate. As accurate as apex can be anyway. Rabble Rabble) Alk: normally ~9.2 - 9.5, now its ~9.6 - 9.9 (alkatronic, re-calibration confirmed accurate. Also confirmed with Hanna & Red Sea) Neither is a big...
  16. M

    Rising Alk

    Hi, Over the past month, my alk keeps climbing steadily. I test the same time each week, and everything remains in line except the alk lately. Same salt since starting the tank over a year ago (RS Coral Pro). I change water the same time each week (10%). All rock has been in the tank for at...
  17. Jeremy Chatham

    My New ReefBot cannot test 8 things. Only 4.

    So I just received my new reefbot. I am surprised to report that it cannot test 8 different things as one setup. I am able to test Alk. Calcium. Mag. And phosphates. So even though there are 8 vials in the machine some test kits require multiple reagents for a single test. I guess I will need...
  18. Broadfield

    Illinois Triton Method - CORE7 BASE ELEMENTS 1000ML SET

    Since I tore my reef down, I no longer have use for these. $40 shipped - 2 sets available. ***SOLD***
  19. Austin Lee

    First time testing Calc & Alk. Calc seems high?

    Hi all, I invested in a couple of Hanna checkers for the first time! I have a 25 lagoon that's about 7 months old. It's all LPS right now, and I'd like to add some montis soon, so I tested both Calc & Alk today for the first time and they came in at 518 & 8.1, respectively. I double tested...
  20. MnFish1

    Survival - not the TV show....

    Curious people are always buying frags - and every now and then (every other day lol:) there is a comment about 'the high prices'. So - I'm curious - what percentage of your frags actually 'grow into colonies - lets say 5 inches or more. How important do you think stable alkalinity is in...
  21. smartwater101

    Can the GHL KH Director link with Apex?

    I see the Alkatronic allows you to connect to an Apex pH (via something like the PM1 module), for monitoring and keeping the data within fusion. Can the GHL director do similar?
  22. MarineDepot

    Neptune Systems Trident: Going, Going, GONE!

    We sold out of the Neptune Systems Trident in about 10 minutes this morning. The good news: we'll have more on the way soon! If you're interested in picking up a Trident, click the "notify me" button on this page and we'll send you an email once they return:
  23. salty_trout

    Trying to Maintain a steady alk for my sps.

    So the past few days I've been testing. In short, I tested the Alk initially, after three days, and after six days. It had averaged a drop of 0.166 dKh/day for both tests. I used the Hannah alk checker, along with my standard for assurance. Basically, my (130ish gallon) system went from 8.2 to...
  24. LilElroyJetson

    Alk Swing Crisis Averted...but my Torch Coral Didn’t Like It

    It had been smooth sailing so something had to test me to see if I was on my A-game right? I guess I had somehow shaken loose the acrylic tube from the bulkhead in my dosing container that contains my Alkalinity buffer. I dose 28 ml of Ca and Alk per night via my Jebao dosing pump spread out...
  25. LilElroyJetson

    Brightwell Reef Code Max Dosage vs. Advanced

    I've been dosing Brightwell Aquatics Reef Code A & B for about a week now. Learned that I need to dial up my dose but also wanted to bring my Calcium and Alkalinity up generally, and in reading the advanced instructions I'm a bit confused. Reef Code A (Calcium) instructions read: "If the...
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