1. S

    EMERGENCY High alkalinityl

    Hey guys I need some help I tested my alkalinity last week and it was 11 now it’s 11.58 I haven’t done anything but a water change I thought the corals are supposed to use the alkalinity why is it going up?(how do I make it go down) I haven’t used aptasia x or anything else in the tank besides...
  2. AbjectMaelstroM

    USA 3D Printed Test Kit Organizer Trays for Hanna, Red Sea and Salifert Test Kits.

    This is the refresh of my original 3D Printed Test Kit Organizer Tray thread. The first post showcased now-old designs and one had to dig through the thread to find the new stuff, so a new thread was made to clean things up a bit as the old cannot be edited (Old thread will be deleted/closed by...
  3. 3D Printed Test Kit Organizer Trays for Hanna, Red Sea and Salifert Test Kits.

    For sale 3D Printed Test Kit Organizer Trays for Hanna, Red Sea and Salifert Test Kits.

    For sale are 3D Printed Test Kit Organizer Trays for Hanna, Red Sea and Salifert Test Kits. The list of the kits and their prices are available below: -=- Hanna -=- $25 --- 3x Hanna Combo Kit Any combination (max 3) of ALK, NO3 (HR), Phosphate, Phosphorus, Copper or Ca. Example: Cal + Alk +...
    $15.00 to $25.00
  4. K

    Calcium level above Hanna test kit reference range but alkalinity stable within 8-9 dKH

    I have a 7 month old ~3g reef tank containing a faviitees, stone pipe coral, GSP, palythoa, and hydnophora + clean up crew (1 Scarlett hermit crab, 2 blue legged hermit crabs, 5 bumblebee snails and 1 tuxedo urchin). Ever since I’ve started testing calcium, my Hanna reader shows that my calcium...
  5. rene9898

    California Dry Good Trade WTT for

    Hanna HI772 Marine DKH Alkalinity Checker HC ALK Hanna Instruments HI758U Marine Calcium Checker Bought both from BRS in November 2021 and never used Looking to trade for a BRS media reactor with pump.
  6. Schraufabagel

    Should I switch salt?

    I currently use Red Sea Coral Pro salt which has a dkh of 11.5. I started using All For Reef on my 25 gallon mixed reef tank which I'm assuming has a dkh around 7.5 ~ 8.5. Is it worth the cost of raising the dkh of the All For Reef by addition of alkalinity? Or should I start using Red Sea's...
  7. dzolot

    ESV for alkalinity and kalkwasser for Calcium??

    Hi, so I’ve been using kalkwasser in my 150g mixed reef for the last five years. My alk is very low at 5.2dkh. calcium is 470 and mag is 1500. I started dosing ESV alkalinity to get the alk up. So my question - is there any reason i can’t doses ESV for alk and continue to dose kalkwasser...
  8. conlan75

    Alk creeping with auto water changes

    alright - I'm stumped on this. Tank is 3 months old, PH is between 8.1-8.2, Salt is at 33, MG is 1240, Calcium is 480 and Alk keeps creeping from 11 into the 12's. It got as high as 14, with Ca and Mg relatively the same. If I do a 30% water change, Alk drops some, I was able to drop it from the...
  9. R

    Is it safe to trust our test kits?

    Hi Guys, I understand that hobby grade test kits are used more for reference and stability. I also understand that number chasing isn't always the best to do with our reef tanks. But I would like to share a story (photos included) and get your input. For years my hanna alk checker has been...
  10. M

    Help dosing Red sea foundation A & B

    Hi all im need to reefing and have limited knowledge and know chemistry and water parameters work but i get the gist of it. background: information about my tank. Tank Size: 45 Gallon (running for 9 months) Salt mix tropic marine pro reef salt (weekly 12% water change @ 1.025 salinity) my...
  11. diamondreef

    EMERGENCY Help! Water parameters are getting me frustrated…

    Hello, So I have a 25g JBJ Biocube. It was doing pretty good until recently. Been having issues with Phosphates and Alkalinity. So I’ve been going to the LFS weekly and having them test everything. Asking what I should do or not do. I went in yesterday expecting my Alk to have dropped and it...
  12. Thawman

    Trident/DOS dosing and Alk swings

    Howdy! Hopefully an appropriate place to post. I've noticed over the last week or so my Alk has started to swing a fair bit from low of 8.46 to high of 9.05 with my set point 8.6 I've adjusted the dosing baseline to the average over the last month and just today increased my testing from 4/2...
  13. shawnriv

    New Frags - How Long Will They Last in Plastic Bags?

    I just picked up some Acropora frags from a local reefer and his alkalinity was 9.0. I just checked my current tank and I’m down to 6.8 dkh. How long is it safe to keep those frags in their bags (floating in my sump) until I raise my tank’s dkh to 9.0? Thank you.
  14. ChandlerTingle

    KH, CA, Mg Result Questions

    So I’m new to the reefing chemistry but I just tested my water and these are the results I got. Are they good and what’s the level they are supposed to be at? *Syringe tips are over the results I got
  15. Neon_reefboi

    EMERGENCY!!! ALK off the scales

    My alk is off the charts high I need to reduce asap. The build is a 45 tall corner with 5 gallon fuge, ceramic reactor in sum with surface skimmer. Here's my "official" stats I recorded earlier. Can't seem to find a clear answer on lowering alk, especially using vinegar. Please please please...
  16. Wen

    BRS Soda Ash Settling in Dosing Reservoir

    I use BRS Soda Ash to control alkalinity. I mix up a gallon for reserves and keep it in the BRS plastic Mr.Chili jug with no settling. I use this premixed jug to refill a glass bottle reservoir that my DOS is fed from. The soda ash mixture in the glass bottle will settle. It’s rather...
  17. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Alk and magnesium being weird.

    What would cause quite a big DKH drop and a raise in magnesium? The last time I dosed was a week ago, and it was Sodium bicarbonate for the alkalinity. I tested alk 2x to make sure...same result. I'm confused and worried.
  18. gaving

    EMERGENCY Alkalinity rising quickly

    My alkalinity keeps rising and my corals are all taking a hit over the past week I am up 1 dkh I am not dosing or anything I haven’t put my hands in the tank in about 2 weeks when I last did a water change I do one this Sunday. Please help I am using salifter test kit and I have been testing...
  19. J

    Reason For High Alk

    Good evening everyone, I just tested my alkalinity with my hanna checker and the result was 11.4 DKH. I use Fritz blue box salt which mixes between 8 and 9 DKH. What could be the reason for this? Thanks :) Joey S.
  20. Littlepip

    Most of my parameters are a little off...

    Hello guys! This is my first post here. My tank is a couple years old, 300 Litre/80 gallon with a sump. I've lost some control the past year due to university and work, but now I am wanting to get back on top of it all. I lost most of my corals over the course of the year, but I still have 2...
  21. M

    High Calcium

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a 2 month old 90 gallon tank that I am looking to make a reef tank, I have been stocking slowly with fish and cuc. I recently got around to purchasing alkalinity and calcium test kits and have found that my Alkalinity was at 7.9 last week and Calcium was in the 540s which I...
  22. Darkshadow1500

    Kalk won’t raise alk

    Hey guys I recently started using kalk I’ve had kalk+2 for the last few years but never actually used it before till last week the goal was to stop my 2 part dosing at night and add the kalk to keep my ph higher at night then again my high is usually 8.4-8.5 and low is usually 8.1-8.2 so i wont...
  23. W

    Simple DIY Automatic Alkalinity Tester - Phase #1: testing drop count

    Starting a new project for Simple DIY Automatic Alkalinity Tester for a common man with can be created and printed easily with minimum cost. Currently starting with: -Api KH bottle -Speed Sensor Module -
  24. R

    Confusing results when figuring out "4 day dosage" of Foundational elements!

    Hello all! I have a 13.5 fluval evo, recently I've been trying to figure out the daily dosage for calcium, magnesium and Alk. Unfortunately right now when I measured my prams i got very confusing results and i need help! My salinity is at 35 ppt measured by a refractometer and held stable by...
  25. KGV

    Kalkwasser stirrer: How to make it drip evenly?

    I have a Deltec Kalkwasser stirrer, and frankly the design is pretty much the same as most Kalkwasser stirrers out there. I feed it with a dosing pump, about 200 ml per hour. The problem is that the water level rises inside the Kalkwasser reservoir and suddenly squirts out several ml at the...
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