1. SDJustin

    Why I trust my Neptune Trident

    So... I had a tank 'almost crash' about 6 months ago. I was preparing for a new tank, moving around stuff on my EB832s, rewiring sensors, shuffling my gear, etc. My C02 feed for my calcium reactor went offline... I noticed but was busy with other stuff and thought it could wait a few days. A...
  2. RonS

    I'm confused by PH and probes and calibration and ...

    Background; - New tank, Waterbox 220.6, cycling. No water changes to date, tank has been wet for a couple weeks. - All dry Marco rock going in. - Using the APEX conductivity and Ph probes - Tank between 78-79 degrees - Used Kent Reef Salt Mix, -...
  3. Lylelovett

    Looking at the GHL KH Director - thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm not at the point where I want to automate my alkalinity dosing. I'd like it to be as hands off as possible. :) How is everyone liking the GHL KH Director? Thanks, lylelovett
  4. C

    Illinois Misc. Pumps Suppliments Dosing Package Deal Jebao 3 Channel Dosing Pump DP-3 / Triple Dosing Reservoir / Bubble Magus Shelf /

    Jebao 3 Channel Dosing Pump DP-3 / Triple Dosing Reservoir / Bubble Magus Shelf, 4 hose holder, spare pump. Everything you need to start dosing in a Reef Aquarium. Everything is in like new condition, but has been used. Everything packaged together as a bundle. Selling for $135 shipping...
  5. Accidentalreefers

    Large amount of Alk consumption

    Hey, so here are my parameter's Alkalinity 7.0 calcium - 430 magnesium - 1300 phosphate - 0 PH- 7.8-8.0 ammonia - 0 Salinity 1.025 I'm using a Hanna Alk checker for my Alk readings. This is my issue my tank isn't that loaded, mainly softies and LPS (mainly smaller frags), i have a birds nest...
  6. RobberyinCSharp1824

    Reef Crystals and My Struggle with Low Alkalinity

    I've been struggling to get a grip on a low alkalinity problem in both my tanks. I've got a 20g reef only tank with a few beginners corals (zoas, acans, etc.) and two SPS corals (purple birdsnest and a green pavona). They all seem fine, the birdsnest is doing well, but my pavona is starting to...
  7. H

    Help with alkalinity swings

    Hello fellow reefers, im 5 months into the hobby I’ve been testing parameters regularly but just recently after a 20 gallon water change on my 75 gallon my alkalinity went from 7.5 to 9.8 used the same salt everything the same but shortly my hammer coral, goniopora, candy cane and some zoas that...
  8. Herides

    Low pH of 7.8, despite perfect alkalinity and surrounding oxygen. Help!

    Hey guys, According to my Seneye Reef, my pH is at 7.8 and has been dropping for a while until now, not dramatically but over a long period of time and seems to be settling at 7.8. I've been testing my alkalinity during this process and my alkalinity comes out at more often around 3 Meq/L...
  9. ctopherl

    Alk/Calc stabilization

    Very new to the hobby. I have a 54g display + 11g sump = 65g total water. I have two baby clowns, royal gramma, lawnmower blenny, an astrea snail, and an emerald crab. Bio load is very low. Gramma, blenny and crab were just added yesterday. For corals, I have a xenia, paly and zoa-all frags so...
  10. J

    Tropic Marine Pro Alkalinity

    Checking to see what others are getting for Alkalinity results in fresh batches of Tropic Marine Pro. I just mixed 60g worth and my alk (hanna) was 6.1 dKh Although I run my DT at about 8.5 dKh....I am not terribly troubled by the NSW result of 6.1. My AWC's are small amounts of only about .4g...
  11. Mtrimble7

    I need help please.

    Been having so many issues. I've read and read and watched videos but something isn't right. Here's my parameters followed by my issues and pictures. Any help and advice would help. Thanks in advance. MG 1440 Alk 9.8 Ca 490 Nitrate 0-5 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 Salinity 35 Red sea reefer max 260...
  12. Carebearsss.x

    Alkalinity REALLY high

    Hello! We just checked the parameters on our tank and the alkalinity is extremely high! The DKH is at 14 While looking online, my boyfriend and I seen that you can dose vinegar into your tank to lower your alk? Is this a good idea? If so, how much do I add? Pls help :) I’m still trying to...
  13. D

    RODI water consistently reading 8.3dKH with salifert titration

    I recently saw a huge alk spike after switching salt mixes. After contacting the manufacturer, I got a reading of 8.3dKH on multiple titrations on "clean" rodi with the salifert kit. I dont have a TDS meter on hand. I'm assuming the water must not be very clean. Membrane was changed 6 months...
  14. Cstar_BC

    Acclimating corals to higher alk

    So my water is staying at 11dkh (hanna) after watching the brs video on alk and coral growth I think I’m just going to leave my stable water alone instead of chasing NSW numbers how can you acclimate corals to higher dkh without shocking them ? anyone with experience greatly appreciated
  15. S

    New to saltwater, how to raise ph?

    Hi from the UK! I’ve just gotten into the hobby after a long time of wanting a nano tank. Everything seems to be going smoothly with salinity at 1.026 and ammonia, nitrites, nitrates being 0. One issue: my ph is stubborn at 7.6ish despite alkalinity being between 8-9 as per fritz rpm salt...
  16. 0utworld

    Salt Mix Alkalinity Drop

    Hi all, Due to the difference in alkalinity between my tank (170ppm) and my Reef Crystals salt mix (>180ppm), I've decided to mix my saltwater a few days prior to water changes. After mixing my water for 4 days, I've noticed its alkalinity dropped faster than expected (157ppm). I think it might...
  17. AquaPhilNJ

    Max ALK to dose at one time

    I've been searching and not finding any answer to what is the max ALK a person can dose at one given time. I have head a max raising of 1.4 dkh per day, but nothing about max at one given time or per hour. I have a 55 gallon reef and I've been dosing ALK manually (for now) trying to maintain...
  18. Dinodanger

    Alkalinity high!

    Adding marine buffer has sky rocketed Dkh to near 14! I was wondering if the Dkh will drop naturally with around 10 lps corals in a 250 litre or won't there demand be high enough to make much difference?
  19. psumms

    Hanna Alkalinity Reagent Consistency

    Just finished a bottle of alkalinity reagent on my Hanna tester - alk reads 11.8. Open the new bottle and re-test to check consistency. 10.7 ... Run a third test (from new bottle), confirms 10.7! The previous bottle is still well in date, has been open for approx. 4 months. Confident my testing...
  20. April@Coralvue

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off Dosetronic - Save $140!

    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off Dosetronic - Save $140! Use as a standalone doser or combine with the Alkatronic!
  21. Naw042

    Long term alkalinity swings

    Hi all, I was wondering how much alkalinity swing over time is considered "stable". I know Alk may drift with the daily light cycle, but I'm specifically curious about variability over days or weeks. I started using a dosing pump and 2-part about 4 months ago and have been working on getting...
  22. R

    Introduction to dosing

    Hi everyone hope you’re doing well. So today I tested my water for the first time and here are my numbers Calcium: 350 Alkalinity: 7 Ph: 7.8 I have brightwell aquatics calcium, alkalinity and ph ready to be used. I’ve been doing some research on dosing but it’s hard to wrap your head around...
  23. DanSavesTheDay

    pH swing? Dosing sodium bicarbonate "baking soda"

    I've just noticed some RTN on a tort frag. I haven't had any alk swings since this frag was added and it was in a low light area of the tank Could it possibly be a pH swing? My tank size is 88gallons and I usually dose my alk "baking soda" 0.6 tsp mixed in warm rodi dosed into sump at night. My...
  24. Jake_the_reefer

    Use 10 ml of water to raise api test accuracy?

    So I was dumb and let myself use up all the alkalinity reagent from my hanna checker before ordering more. I am currently fine tuning my daily dose so I can set up a dosing pump. All I have is an api alk test which is accurate to intervals of 1. 1 drop = 1 alk 2 = 2 alk so on and so forth...
  25. DanSavesTheDay

    Higher alk waterchange?

    I am looking to change out about 10 gallons in my 90 gallon reef *88 gallons=tank+fuge* housing some expensive sps frags. If my current DKH is 8.2 and the DKH of Reef Crystals is 13 would that be too much of a change? I did the math and doing a waterchange would add about .5 DKH for 10 gallons...