1. S

    Tweaking all for reef

    I have a 6 month old 65 gal mixed reef that I’ve been dosing with all for reef. I use the powdered form and mix it myself. Currently have mostly small lps frags but a handful of sps and softies as well. I’m waiting for my parameters to get more in line before adding in any more acros. Most of...
  2. knockout

    Making the move from 2 part to All for Reef - a reef log

    I'm...going to give All for Reef a try - who is using this product? any notes in usage are appreciated! I am going to go thru the changeover to All for Reef to simplify the dosing regimen below. Understanding that AFR has a metabolic process to raise Alk in the tank and to prevent any Alk...
  3. Hans-Werner

    All-For-Reef: Enough iodine?

    Hi, My name is Hans-Werner Balling and I am doing R&D at Tropic Marin. I also have developed the All-For-Reef. Iodine is a very important trace element for coral growth, coloration and polyp extension. Low iodine concentrations slow coral growth, make the brown color fade to a pale...
  4. kalmanb0y

    How Fast Can an Acro Uptake Elements?

    I am new to the reefing hobby, and I just set up my first Mr. Aqua 12g Long aquarium. After the cycle was finished, I threw in a few test zoas, and they did fine, so when I saw a large frag of an acro labeled "garf bonsai" at an LFS for a good price, I couldn't resist buying it. I didn't have...
  5. ThatsNoMoon

    All For Reef Maximum Alk?

    Hi all, It's my first post on this forum! I couldn't find the answer after looking around the forum for a while. I was looking into starting dosing AFR to maintain my alk and calcium but the instructions say to dose until you achieve 9dkh. I'm using the red sea coral pro salt which gets me...
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