1. mariano

    Bottle bacteria FritzZyme Turbo Start 900

    This is going to be crazy and I probably will get a lot of people tell me im crazy, but I feel like it would be good to share this process, just in case someone goes thru the same thing, and I will try to update it as much as I can. So I been very picky about my aquascape, Tank has been set up...
  2. LxHowler

    Keep a tank cyled

    I started cycling a tank about 5 weeks ago, before the lockdown. The tank has nearly finished cycling now and is almost ready for livestock. I was wondering if since my lfs is only doing essentials and not allowing the sale of livestock could I use my bottled ammonia to keep the tank cycled. I...
  3. smartwater101

    API AMMO LOCK wiped out my acros...

    This is mostly a vent about my stupidity. momentary lack of awesome. So I tend to run my pH on the high side (8.5 - 8.6) and everything was looking great. At some point it started to creep close to 8.75 (Tested with Apex, Profilux, and pinpoint. New probes and calibration to confirm) Suddenly...
  4. Irishman

    Ammonia cycle

    So I started on Sunday with my ammonia cycle and used pure ammonia bought from ACE. This would be my third tank I’ve done with it, other two were successful with starting cycle this way. Anyways I dosed ammonia according to this link to 2 PPM on Sunday. I didn’t test right away and tested just...
  5. 00Barracuda00

    Ammonia Sources for Fallow Tanks

    I'm putting my DT through a fallow period, as of yesterday, and I am concerned with maintaining ammonia levels in the tank. Tank now only has 7 Mexican turbo snails, and 3 cleaner shrimp. My plan was to maybe drop a squirt or two of mysis in the tank at night and feed the corals as usual...
  6. B

    GE Silicon 2 poisoning

    Hi everyone. I just posted a couple days ago about an emergency I was having with my tank. All my fish were dying after switching to a new sump. I thought it was because I switched the sand, or because the heater was up too high which killed off the bacteria; however, I found the culprit. I...
  7. B

    Everything dying in an established tank

    I have a 9 month old tank. Last week I turned off my return pump overnight due to a plumbing problem. I have a refugium with lots of macro growing in it. When I turned off the power for the return pump, it also turned off the light in the fuge. I fixed the plumbing the next day but noticed the...
  8. Evan28395950

    Ammonia Concern

    I had my biggest snail die on me. It’s probably been 2 days since, and I finally decided to check, and sure enough he was dead. I pulled out the main parts, but some of his body when flying throughout the tank. Should I be concerned about ammonia rising?
  9. Mwag

    Royal Gramma Stressed out????

    Hello all, yesterday I naught a Royal Gramma from my LFS. I floated him for 15 mins and every 4 mins I put half a cup of water from my qt tank into the bag. By this time, the Royal Gramma was significantly stressed darting back and forth in the bag but he settled down. I added him to qt tank and...
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