1. M

    Kessil Ap9x - height on IM 60gal 36"L shallow reef

    Im trying to determine the best height for my Ap9x on a 36" shallow reef 36L x24W x16 Deep. Just softs and eventually a clam. I currently have the light mounted in the center at 12" high but i feel like the edges dont get the light they need. Also with the light at 30% intensity this seems to be...
  2. izzyishh

    Build Thread Custom Drop Off Build

    Hello All, I've always wanted to make a thread to track the journey of a new build but never had anything cool enough to show off until now!!!! I would like to introduce you to the 100% custom drop off. The tank was finally delivered the beginning of Dec. after a few months of waiting and...
  3. Adam1985

    Kessil Moonlight Question (Specifically the AP9X)

    Hi all, I have a Kessil AP9X on my mixed reef. So far very happy with it. However, I have a moonlight question. Kessil built in options are red and blue; I’ve been using the red just to have a different, cool visual difference at night vs the more bluish look during the daytime. But health of...
  4. Adam1985

    Should I add supplemental T5’s to my Kessil AP9X setup?

    Hi, I’m hoping for some opinions on whether or not I should add supplemental T5’s to my 2’x2’x2’ (approximately) cube mixed reef. Total volume of around 202 L. I’m currently using a single Kessil AP9X mounted about 10” above the water. Light program is based on BRS suggestions for an AP9X on...
  5. Scotty8284

    Hydra 32HD or AP9X or Reefbrite Add-Ons?

    I'm coming up on 1 year with my mixed reef. I have an IM 100INT (48 x 24) DT, and started out with 2 Hydra 32HD's. However, I'm sensing my light coverage is inadequate. I keep my parameters spot on, and my zoa garden is doing well, but my stonies seem to be lagging/struggling. I'm...
  6. E

    Kessil Ap9x help

    So I finally got the Ap9x in the mail today and hanging over my tank, the app is so confusing, I don’t know what to set the light to and trying to make a “custom” profile is so confusing, I just want my light to ramp up for two hours 8 a.m to 10:00 a.m then ramp down for 2 hours from 4:00 pm to...
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