apex display

  1. Fritzhamer

    New York Apex Display

    Great for when and if you can’t access your apex via fusion or local. $50 shipped
  2. ReefAddiction34

    Florida WTB: looking for black apex display only

    I’ll keep it short. New kitten chewed through the wire of my display and I was unable to fix it. I’d really like to replace it with another older version display, the black display with the blue LED. If you have one lying around or that you no longer use please send me a PM or post. Doesn’t have...
  3. Broadfield

    Broadfield's Red Sea Reefer 450 Build - OCD Inspired... Going Green

    Current state of tank: FTS by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr FTS + Stand by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr IMG_6030 by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr I am absolutely no stranger to posting build threads on a forum, just not of a reef tank... it's always been of vehicles.:) So this is my first! I...